Klobuchar Subtly Knocks Fellow Democrats’ ‘Aspirational’ Platforms by Keeping 2020 Promises Realistic

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During a town hall on Monday, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) stayed away from supporting some of the more “aspirational” policies that some of her fellow 2020 Democratic candidates have adopted.

The main policies that Klobuchar shot down were free four-year college and Medicare for All. Those policies have been supported by other Democratic candidates, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Concerning free college, Klobuchar recognized the unsustainability of the proposed policy.

“No, I am not for four-year college for all,” Klobuchar said when asked about free college.

However, she did claim that she supported free community college while saying that she had to be realistic when considering programs that the government could sustainably fund.

“If I was a magic genie and could give that for everyone, and we could afford it, I would,” Klobuchar said in response to a question about free college. “I’ve got to tell the truth.”


Another issue that Klobuchar refused to whole-heartedly support is Medicare for All. While she did admit it is something she hopes to have in the future, the lawmaker was adamant that it would not work in the present.

“It could be a possibility in the future. I’m just looking at something that will work now,” said Klobuchar.


As IJR previously reported, many other Democratic candidates have put their support in other controversial policies like the Green New Deal and extensive gun control. Yet Klobuchar has become the more moderate candidate in a pool of 2020 hopefuls.


However, the lawmaker has not avoided controversy totally, with reports recently released that accused her of having a toxic work environment in her congressional office and mistreating employees.

While the reports were never confirmed to be true, it is uncertain if Klobuchar will come out ahead of a crowded pool of Democratic candidates for president.

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Rocky Drummond

This is what you get with a middling candidate. Half measures won’t solve the serious problems of today. We need someone with a vision and lofty goals. We may or may not be able to enact policies that get us all there, but we have to try.

If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing.





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