Klobuchar Is in Hot Water Amid Reports of Staff Mistreatment — Just Before Expected 2020 Announcement

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Ahead of her expected 2020 presidential run, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is facing backlash from former staffers who are accusing the Minnesota senator of staff mistreatment.

According to a BuzzFeed News report, eight former staffers anonymously accused the senator of running “a workplace controlled by fear, anger, and shame,” adding that she was demeaning toward them.

The staffers claimed that Klobuchar’s demeanor “regularly left employees in tears.” They also said she would yell at the staff and, at times, would hurl objects and throw papers.

During one incident, Klobuchar allegedly threw a binder out of anger, which hit a staffer, but she apparently didn’t mean to hit anyone with it.

“I cried. I cried, like, all the time,” one anonymous staffer told BuzzFeed News.

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According to dozens of emails from the past few years reviewed by BuzzFeed News, Klobuchar would tell staffers their work was “the worst in … years” and “the worst in my life.”

Four of those anonymous staffers said that revealing Klobuchar’s character just before she announces her expected 2020 run is vital to show her ability to run the country.

“I’ve always been taught that your true character shows in how you treat those with less power than you, especially behind closed doors,” another former staffer told BuzzFeed News. “The way Sen. Klobuchar behaves in private with her staff is very different than when she’s in the public eye, and that kind of cruelty shouldn’t be acceptable for anyone.”

A campaign spokesperson rebuked the accusations, telling BuzzFeed News that Klobuchar “loves her staff.”

“Senator Klobuchar loves her staff — they are the reason she has gotten to where she is today,” the spokesperson said.

Klobuchar made known earlier this week that there is a big announcement coming this weekend, suggesting she will announce her candidacy in the 2020 presidential race. However, the accusations from the anonymous staffers could throw a wrench in her potential run.

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