President Trump’s Korea Peace Talks Enabled Dozens of Families to Reunite With Loved Ones

Dozens of Korean families separated during the Korean War were finally reunited after decades apart. In total, almost 300 members of 98 families were able to reconnect in North Korea. 

According to Fox News, thousands applied to be reunited, but the Kim regime would only allow those with immense loyalty to Kim Jong Un to attend. This is largely due to the fact that North Korean officials did not want the people of North Korea to see the conditions of the outside world. 

The families will only be able to see each other for a few hours over three days. In total, the families will have 11 hours together under intense supervision. 

Most of the reconnected families had not seen each other for at least 65 years. Some were not even sure if their relatives were alive.


According to CNN, South Korean President Moon Jae-in pledged to work to speed up reunification efforts as the population continues to age, saying, “As a member of a divided family myself, I sympathize deeply with that sadness and pain. There really is no time.”

These reunification efforts are undoubtedly a sign of improved relations between North and South Korea, a move President Donald Trump has hoped for. President Moon spent time in the United States and worked closely with the president in preparation for the meeting with North Korea

Of course, the Korean family reunions were not the only reunions to spring out of the negotiations between North Korea and other world leaders. Trump also negotiated the remains of the deceased American soldiers to be returned to the United States, as well as the safe return of American detainees in North Korea.

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