Sinema’s Staff May Have Just Sunk Her Attempts to Seem Moderate After She’s Caught Trashing AZ Again

U.S. Representative Kyrsten Sinema labels herself as a moderate as she tries to gain the Arizona U.S. Senate seat. However, an undercover video appears to show that she may be portraying herself more moderate than she actually is.

In Project Veritas Action’s undercover video, Sinema, who is seen trashing her own state in other videos, and her alleged campaign staff reveal her more left-political view.

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As a former state legislator, Sinema has touted herself as a moderate lawmaker — however, back in 2016, the Democrat Senate nominee said she was the “the most liberal legislator in the state of Arizona,” Roll Call reported.

She has since tried claiming that she’s in the center, calling herself a “proud Arizonian” in a recent radio interview.

“Over the years I am proud to say I have taken the time to learn and grow and occasionally change my opinion,” Sinema said during a recent debate.

The candidate’s past popped up during a recent debate when her opponent, U.S. Congresswoman Martha McSally, accused Sinema of saying in a 2003 interview that it was “fine” for Americans to join the Taliban.

Kyrsten Sinema Martha McSally
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The undercover video

In the undercover video, Sinema claimed that you can’t talk about gun control to Arizonians because “they’ll actually shoot you.”

“We can’t be talking about an Assault Weapons bans,” Sinema’s alleged campaign manager Michelle Davidson said.

“So what Kyrsten … the conversation that she can lead is how do we get to a place where we can, background checks … We’ve got to fix the gun show loophole, we have to fix the background check system. We’ve got to make it harder for people who have been convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes to get guns — I mean those are the conversations we can have.”

Sinema’s alleged campaign field organizer Lauren Fromm said that Arizona has a lot of conservative people, so Sinema “can’t alienate the conservative or moderate conservative voters by being super pro- — she is pro-choice,” adding that Sinema is “very liberal, she’s progressive.”

Another field organizer for Sinema’s campaign, Madison Snarr, said that the candidate “had to play centrist to move up, become powerful.”

“She’s going to vote for the interests of Arizonans,” Snarr said mockingly. “She’s going to stand up and protect Arizonan values. Whatever the f**k that means.”

Watch the video below:

In the video, Sinema said she believes that every person “who isn’t bad” should be given U.S. citizenship.

“If you haven’t committed a bad crime, you know, then you should get a path to citizenship,” Sinema said in the video. “That’s what I believe.”

As previously noted by IJR, Project Veritas Action, which was founded by James O’Keefe, a conservative political activist, has a controversial history of facing criticism over misleading video editing and questionable methods.