Labor Unions Exposed as ‘ATM for the Democratic Party’ — Here’s How Much They’ve Spent on Liberal Causes

New research from the Center for Union Facts (CUF) — what the organization calls “the most comprehensive analysis of union advocacy spending ever done” — shows labor unions have spent billions in member dues to fund liberal causes “without prior member approval.”

According to the data, labor unions in the United States sent more than $1.3 billion in member dues to liberal advocacy groups aligned with the Democratic Party in the last seven years alone and never obtained approval from members beforehand.

Organizations that received significant sums of money from 2010 to 2017 included the Democratic Governors Association, Planned Parenthood, and, of course, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation — even though around 40 percent of union households vote Republican.

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While federal law allows union officials to spend dues money on political advocacy without first obtaining opt-in permission from their members, more than 180 members of Congress are fighting to change that by co-sponsoring the Employee Rights Act.

As is, labor unions can legally “deduct money for supporting political campaigns from an employee’s paycheck without obtaining prior approval.” Employees can only guarantee this doesn’t happen by resigning or demanding a partial refund via an “onerous procedure.”

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The act, if passed into law, would “require unions to receive opt-in permission from each member to use his or her union dues for purposes other than collective bargaining” — something that 81 percent of union households support.

“For decades, union officials have exploited working Americans to advance a left-wing political agenda — without their affirmative consent,” CUF Communications Director Luka Ladan said in a statement to Independent Journal Review.

“Union leadership provides a reliable ATM for the Democratic Party and liberal special interest groups across the country, whether employees agree or not,” he continued. “Union members are right to support the Employee Rights Act, which would protect their paychecks and hold union officials accountable.”