Law Student Receives ‘Fantastic Advice’ from Justice Gorsuch: Learn to Win or Lose Graciously

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When penning a letter to a justice of the Supreme Court, one law student wasn’t sure if he would receive a response — until, to his “surprise,” he got some “fantastic advice” back.

A few months had passed since the University of Dayton rising 2nd-year law student Patrick Sobkowski wrote a letter to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch “asking for advice as [he made his] way through law school.”

“It was an extremely pleasant surprise to come home to a response from him,” Sobkowski tweeted.

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The student said that regardless of pursuing a degree as a lawyer or not, Gorsuch offered “fantastic advice” to anyone.

The letter, dated May 21, reads:

“My advice to law students is very simple: work hard, learn to write and speak effectively, never give up on your passions, treasure your family and friendships, find time to do public service, and learn to win — or lose — graciously.

More than all of that, know that you will have many regrets in life — things said or done, or left unsaid or undone — but the one thing you will never regret is being kind.”

Gorsuch’s letter sparked reactions on social media:

After over a year had passed since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, Gorsuch was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, nominated by President Donald Trump.

Trump also nominated Justice Brett Kavanaugh — who was sworn in after his controversial confirmation hearings over sexual misconduct allegations from decades ago — to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy. In early June, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg praised Kavanaugh for the first all-female group of law clerks staff.

“Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew,” Ginsburg previously said. “Thanks to his selections, the Court has this Term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks.”

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Patti Harrison

Very well put!

Bad Penguin
Bad Penguin

Well said Judge Gorsuch.

Fantastic advise for everyone.


Well done, Judge Gorsuch. Well done. Proving that you were the right choice.


Some advice that whiny Hillary Clinton and her snowflake followers should have taken to heart!


Fabuloso! The proof that SCOTUS members are thinking, caring human beings eleviates some of the fears that they are stone cold jurists who don’t recall their lives before being on the highest court in the land.
There will, no doubt, be critics who will now accuse Justice Kavanaugh of choosing an all female staff
so that he can ‘harass’ or ‘molest’ them. These are the times in which we live.


Justice Gorsuch’s very sound advice comes a little too late for Hillary and her loss in 2016. She’s probably the most ungracious individual to ever take a breath in the United States! She’s blamed everybody and everything past, present and future on her loss EXCEPT her mother for giving birth to such a loser.


Bravo for Gorsuch.

RBG is showing her sexism by considering candidates by their sex and NOT their qualifications. If it was that “important” why doesn’t SHE have all female law clerks? We already know her history of discriminating against black clerk candidates.

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