‘America Better Wake up to This’: Lawyer Calls on Law Enforcement to Crack Down on Violent Antifa Protests

When it comes to Antifa protests, Republican National Lawyers Association Vice President Harmeet Dhillon is calling on law enforcement to step up to the plate.

Harmeet is the attorney for conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who was attacked local Antifa members in Portland, Oregon while covering a protest between the group and white supremacist Proud Boys group in late June, as IJR Red previously noted. He was reportedly hit was a milkshake that contained a concrete mixture, and was beaten — suffering a brain bleed from the attack.

The attack on Ngo resulted in people questioning where the police were during the violence and called into question Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s (D-Ore.) inaction against Antifa. As IJR Red also reported, the mayor recently claimed he “wasn’t even in the United States” during the protest but was “with my family in Ecuador on a wildlife tour.”

Appearing on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Dhillon said what was “fortunate” about the attack on her client is that it “brought attention to a movement … that’s been growing in America for several years, and most Americans don’t know about it.” She added that Americans “better know about it because these people are organizing, recruiting, and planning to disrupt our elections in 2020.”

Dhillon — who is the Republican National Committee National Committeewoman for California — called on law enforcement to crack down on the Antifa protests.

“I think we are using old tools and old methods, and we are not are not catching up with the current political reality, which is we have a number of people in America — including these people who have no respect for our laws … and really want to overthrow our government. […] So America better wake up to this.”

She continued to add that “where local authorities have failed, and even where they haven’t failed, that they need more help. It is the job of the civil rights division. It is the job of the criminal division to step in and help.”

“We would sure love to see some action,” the lawyer added.

Watch the video below:

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) recently introduced a resolution to label Antifa a “domestic terrorists” group.

“Time and time again, their actions have demonstrated that their only purpose is to inflict harm on those who oppose their views,” Cruz said. “The hate and violence they spread must be stopped, and I am proud to introduce this resolution with Senator Cassidy to properly identify what Antifa are: domestic terrorists.”

President Donald Trump also recently weighed in on Antifa.

“Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others),” he tweeted on Saturday. “Would make it easier for police to do their job!”

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  1. This conversation is long overdue. If you have ever read their (ANTIFA) list of demands, you would know that they want white people to turn over their homes and land to black Americans, just one of their terroristic demands. They call on their members to make unprovoked physical attacks on their enemies. The leaders of this organization are criminals- yes, and terrorists. They should be labeled enemies of the State and treated as such.

  2. Only terrorists run around the streets ‘terrorizing people while wearing masks or bandanas over their faces. It’s illegal for what few Klan are left to cover their faces, why not illegal for these commies? All these radicals, Klan included, need their butts kicked.

  3. >Michael<

    No, I have no problem dealing with anything in my life; nor have I in the past 84 years. I – like Screwtape – DO carry my weapon with me every time I leave my residence because of the number of drug deals, car jacking, shootings and robberies which are frequent occurrences here in NE Florida (4 shootings within 4 hours last evening reported up to 7 AM today so far).

    As far as Antifa being a terrorist organization; nothing could describe them more accurately They and Black Lives Matter ARE funded by at least one of billionaire George Soros' many organizations for the soul purpose of creating havoc in the public sector. Perhaps if you'd pay a little attention to the news media (disregard any Leftist fake news media) you'd quickly change your concept of what's real and what's being spoon fed to you.

    Don't rely on 9-1-1 or the police to protect you. The police are under NO obligation to protect you. Buy a gun; get a concealed weapons permit/license; learn to use the gun safely to protect yourself and those around you. The old phrase still applies: "When seconds count, the Police are minutes (or longer) away"; or as I have personally experienced: NEVER show up at all. I DO NOT call 9-1-1. [I recently had a need to call the local Sheriff's Department and the dispatcher hung up on me without listening to my description of a developing incident. So much for "law enforcement".]

  4. Screw, here are the words you used to describe the “terrorists”:
    “these black-clad terrorists harass innocent citizens, passersby, and even the homeless. They bully, shout, shove, and pretty much act as thugs.”
    By your description, I’ve been kicking terrorist butt since way back in 3rd grade. Harassing innocent people pretty much would never rise to the level of terrorism. Stay safe my friend.

  5. OF COURSE our fascist administration is going to try to lable ANTIFA as terrorists – because the group is ANTI FAscist!

    That’s not even confusing.

  6. James, the fear and loathing must be difficult to deal with. I hope you are using a VPN so Soros can’t find you.

  7. Screw, way to rely on the strawman. I’m a realist who has learned that I can handle myself and those around me without carrying my gun and knives with me everywhere I go.

  8. To Michael,

    Please clarify your arguments that Antifa is NOT a terrorist organization. You do know that terrorists tend to work in cells, don’t you?

    Otherwise I’m calling BS. Your argument centered on certain incidents sorta covered by the news. Idiot groups fighting other idiots (yet only one of which bothered to get a permit and follow the laws).

    You are literally saying it’s OK to harass and bully people who are NOT part of a group. You are also saying that what’s covered in the MSM is the only reality.

    So if you wear a Klan hood and robes or wear a swastika you are still individually responsible, not your group as a whole. Sure. No part is responsible for the actions or ideology of the whole. How many terrorists acted on 9/11, yet we still assailed the group as a whole?

    note to self: buy a Planned Parenthood tee shirt before committing mass murder. Oh wait, they already have that covered.

  9. To Michael,

    So you’re saying that having health, home, or car insurance OR having locks on your home or car are bad things? You have an optimistic view of reality. I hope it’s never shattered.

    I understand and realize that walking around downtown Portland nowadays is a dangerous thing. Seriously. There are REAL reasons so many businesses, including Columbia and Nike, moved out of Portland. It’s not paranoia, the lax law enforcement, or the business unfriendly regulations/taxes/fees. It’s rational.

    You address MY preparedness without ever having been here. I carried the same, sans baton, while working as a corporate director/engineering project manager. I was not the only one. Ever hear of this thing called disgruntled workers shooting up the place? Yeah, it was a “gun-free” workplace, but F that shit.

  10. Also to the Genital and Michael,

    I challenge both of you to spend a solid week in downtown Portland. Watch the Antifa and homeless. Your whiteboy privilege may work on the internet, but there’s this thing called reality, which neither the internet nor MSM cover.

    Don’t be Beta. Actually have a life not paid for by your parents or your wife’s family. Don’t fake being Hispanic. The local illegals will stomp you for that.

    1. Definitely would not want to be like someone who has enough fear walking around Portland (!) to EDC like you do. Watch out for those hipsters and their sharp moustache points!

  11. To Michael and the Genital,

    I live near Portland. What the news fails to cover is the Antifa who make downtown Portland unsafe to visit. On a daily basis. They are brave in gangs like most bullies.

    While not armored and masked, these black-clad terrorists harass innocent citizens, passersby, and even the homeless. They bully, shout, shove, and pretty much act as thugs. Maybe they’re rehearsing for the next protests.

    I was literally two blocks from the federal courthouse and watched as a “gang” of them, wearing black and Antifa insignia (the two flags) as they harassed, shouted at, and shoved passersby. They shoved a homeless woman into the street. They ARE bullies and noticeably avoided a group of construction workers or large men.

    When they got near me I swept my shirt to show my EDC gear–baton, gun, and knife. Then I bared my teeth. They left me alone and chose to jaywalk into the street.

  12. “These are not terrorists, and labeling them so would be nothing more than a political act that takes law enforcement resources away from protecting against real terrorists.” Michael

    Republicans/King Donald The Loser’s cult are confused by who our real terrorists are – white nationalists and racists. In 2018, for example, they committed 98% of the acts classified as terrorism on OUR soil! The King removed all funds devoted to national security related to white nationalist activity. What a LOSER!

    1. Must be that “RACIST” nature in our great POTUS. But then again, all you Socialists use “RACIST” more often than common sense.

  13. Not mentioned in the article is the fact Antifa is funded by one of billionaire George Soros’ many organizations intent on creating havoc wherever they’re sent. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are only two of many home based terrorist organizations which should be watched very closely by the FBI.

    1. Why are their paychecks issued by the OFA then? Are you saying that George Soros is funding Obama’s OFA?

  14. What a load of crap. Other than, Antifa and Proud Boys (both groups of losers) mixing it up in Portland, I have not seen or heard anything about this supposed “organization.” Someone throwing a rock is not a terrorist act–it’s a stupid individual who is then guilty of assault and should be arrested and go through the judicial system. These are not terrorists, and labeling them so would be nothing more than a political act that takes law enforcement resources away from protecting against real terrorists.

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