LeBron James Blames ‘Old White’ NFL Owners Wanting Players to Stand for Anthem on ‘Slave Mentality’

NBA star LeBron James got candid with his thoughts on another professional sports league on Friday, calling out the “old white men” who own NFL teams and blaming their attempts to prevent their players from getting political by requiring them to stand for the national anthem on “slave mentality.”

“In the NFL, they just got a bunch of old, white men owning teams, and they got that slave mentality,” James said on HBO’s “The Shop.” “And it’s like, ‘This is my team. You do what the f**k I tell y’all to do, or we get rid of y’all.'”

After bashing the NFL, the Los Angeles Laker praised NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for supporting basketball players’ political activism.

“I’m so appreciative, in our league, our commissioner,” he continued. “It doesn’t even matter if Adam agrees with what we are saying, he at least wants to hear us out. As long as we are doing it in a very educational, nonviolent way, then he’s absolutely OK with it.”

Watch part of his remarks below:

According, to James, the “difference between the NBA and the NFL” is that “the NBA [cares about] what we believe [a player] can be, the potential.”

“In the NFL, it’s what can you do for me this Sunday or this Monday or this Thursday. And if you ain’t it, we moving on,” he said.

James weighed in as the issue of NFL players kneeling for the national anthem in protest of racism and police brutality in the United States continues to be a national debate. Players who have followed in former San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps have come under fire from the president.

Colin Kaepernick
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Ahead of the current season, the league instituted a rule requiring players and team personnel to stand for the national anthem or remain in the locker room. Following complains from players, the NFL suspended the rule. In the meantime, the league has disappointed fans who want to see the flag and anthem respected with its lack of action on kneeling players.

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It seams to me only one person in this story is pulling the racist card, LaBron that person be YOU. the owners are pulling the National Allegiance Card.


Lebron what is the color (race / ethnicity) of the owners of the team you play for? What is the color (race / ethnicity) of the NBA commissioner?


labraindead……The owners own the teams and it is their businesses to run.. They can make rules that they feel are in the best interest of their investments. If they feel that not standing for the National Anthem is hurting their product they can require standing. If you ever worked at a real job you would understand the consequences of work rules. I hope the owners of all sports franchises close their doors and make over priced prima Donnas like yourself actually get a job. Fries with that?

Kathy Bowser

Words of wisdom from
Another racist!!

Alison Williams

LeBron, let’s play ball. Since you threw a ball, I’m throwing it back at’cha. I’m blaming “angry black men” for stoking racism in our great country. You and your angries are ungrateful for how our country has progressed. Just look at your bank account. Imagine there had not been a Civil War… With that, I’m not allowed to protest on the job and neither should anybody else!

Mark Schlesinger

NFL allows violent rap thugs to buy into teams, but rejected Rush.

Patti Harrison

Why don’t the black athletes, who in my book are paid way too much, protest the black on black killings across this country, the gang-banging, and the lack of a good education they are given, instead of non existent racist police killing black peoples for no reason!!!


Lebron, just because you excel at playing a kid’s game doesn’t mean anyone should listen to your drivel. Your anti white, racist crap is wearing thin. You are what you claim we are – a RACIST!!! In short, we don’t care what you have to say, so shut the hell up.





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