Lee Reflects on Clinton Impeachment and Breaks It to Dems: ‘No Reason’ It Would Work ‘This Time Around’

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Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) compared Democrats’ push for impeachment to that of Republicans’ for former President Bill Clinton while speaking with “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, arguing that Democrats announcing an impeachment resolution against President Donald Trump would not turn out well for them.

“It’s not good for them now, not likely to be good for them a year from now,” Lee said.

He brought up the impeachment process of Clinton, saying that it was a similar situation and that Democrats should learn from past mistakes.

“Republicans learned this a couple of decades ago when going through the impeachment process for Bill Clinton,” said Lee. “It didn’t turn out well for us. No reason why it would turn out well for them this time around.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Lee recently spoke out about the report, saying that it seemed like some aspects of the Mueller Report were “odd.” However, the lawmaker claimed on Tuesday that Democrats should be cautious about relying on the report to impeach Trump.

“To me, it seems clear they were woefully disappointed. They have been holding out for this mystical Mueller report for two years. They believed that it was going to be an answer to all of their problems. All of a sudden it would come out Democratic children throughout the nation would be holding hands and singing songs of praise.”

Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) recently announced an impeachment resolution based on obstruction of justice, but Lee believes that may be the wrong approach based on the facts.

“The report came out and there isn’t there. It’s not going to work. Few of them are still saying let’s impeach. I think the smart set is looking back and saying there is nothing to prosecute.”


Because Mueller did not make any determination on obstruction of justice and with what is laid out in the report, Lee says that Congress is unlikely to be able to continue pushing impeachment.

“The circumstances don’t warrant themselves well. They don’t suggest any type of obstruction charge. So they don’t have it. They must be very disappointed that is how the system works.”

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The Clinton impeachment failed in the Senate. There is nothing to say this will not happen again, despite a lack of ANY charges meriting impeachment.

Those who are ignorant of/too stupid/too deranged to learn from history….

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