‘A Platform They Have Not Earned’: Lemon and Cuomo Debate Whether or Not to Interview Kellyanne Conway

Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo

After CNN host Chris Cuomo’s interview with Kellyanne Conway turned into a heated argument Thursday, fellow CNN host Don Lemon questioned the value of giving the special counselor to the president air time.

“She never answers a question, she berates you, she’s condescending, she uses our network to give her talking points,” Lemon said to Cuomo Thursday night at the start of his show.

“For me, it feels beneath the dignity of this network to have someone on that just constantly lies and misconstrues things and I feel like having someone on like that is giving them a platform that they have not earned.”

Cuomo defended himself, saying that he understood the frustration, but he felt it was important to question the person Trump uses to defend his policies and actions.

“I deserve the criticism,” Cuomo said. “I do it on purpose. I do it intentionally. I do it for what I believe is good reason. I do it the most. I understand I should get the criticism.”

Watch the video below:

Lemon explained that he wouldn’t have Conway on his show because she doesn’t answer questions.

“I don’t get anything out of it,” he mused. “It’s just you two guys arguing back and forth and I don’t get the substance.”

Lemon’s description of the Conway interview was arguably accurate. Cuomo and Conway butted heads for almost 11 minutes Thursday, often talking over each other until they couldn’t be understood.

Watch the video below:

As he said Thursday, Cuomo is one of the CNN hosts that has Conway on as a guest the most often and their exchanges end up being similar to the one on Thursday.

Cuomo reasoned that he does it because he believes that the White House deserves a voice, and Trump has turned down offers to appear on the show.

According to The Hill, Trump hasn’t appeared on CNN since he was a candidate in August of 2016.

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Rocky Drummond

Lots of media bookers refuse to put KC on their shows. This has been the case for about two years. She doesn’t go to meetings, but she will say details that just aren’t true anyway, or she will say something and an hour later the President throws her (or anyone else) under a bus. She makes herself and the shows look bad.

If I had a show, I would book Mr KC, though. He is more relevant.


Beneath the dignity of the WORST news organization in the World? In reality, it would be beneath Kellyanne’s dignity for her to crawl down beyond the gutter and be in the same sewer with the likes of Lemon and Cuomo.


Once AGAIN, the network that swears it is all about the First Amendment shows it’s total hypocrisy where the First Amendment is concerned.





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