Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Gift’ to Desperate Refugees Shows How Out of Touch She Is

It’s easy for child stars to become out of touch with reality.

Actress Lindsay Lohan may be a prime example.

Recent reports show that Lohan has been spending time working on a humanitarian effort, visiting Syrian refugee camps in Turkey:

Along with volunteering at the camps, Lohan has been splitting her time overseas traveling from Turkey to her new nightclub, Lohan, located in Athens, Greece.

It appears as though perhaps Lohan can’t keep her projects straight.

According to reports, Lohan, who has partnered with German energy drink company, Mintanine, is supplying the refugee camp with the self-described “blue caffeine lemonade” and “lifestyle drink.”

The energy drink is offered at her nightclub, where it’s likely used as a mixer:

A source close to Lohan told Page Six:

“There’s hardly food, water or anything” else at the camp, explained a source. “So at this point, sending anything is helpful.”

While donating to refugee camps is certainly an act of generosity, many are baffled by the choice of her donations:

The drink’s ingredients, found on the company’s website, offer little when it comes to nutritional value:

  • water
  • sugar
  • carbon dioxide
  • acid citric acid [sic]
  • natural flavoring
  • guarana extract (0.02%)
  • caffeine
  • colour brilliant blue FCF

When she’s not providing energy drinks to refugees, Lohan is enjoying some “me time” overseas.

But during a recent boating outing off the Turkish coast, Lohan recently succumbed to a serious injury

The actress tried to drop the boat’s anchor when the rope got tangled on her hand and ripped the bottom part of her finger off:

She had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency operation:

Since the accident, Lohan has made a full recovery after surgery.

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