Lindsey Graham Cuts off Mazie Hirono After Insulting Barr Questioning: ‘You’ve Slandered This Man’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) accused Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) of slandering Attorney General William Barr during his testimony on the Mueller report Wednesday afternoon.

Barr took questions from senators on the findings of the Mueller report and the Department of Justice’s response to the findings, especially as it pertains to the lack of charges in obstruction of justice.

During Hirono’s time questioning Barr, she launched several accusations against the attorney general, slamming his integrity and claiming he lied to Congress worked to “cover up” crimes committed by President Donald Trump.

Watch Hirono’s questioning:

“But now, we know more about your deep involvement in trying to cover up for Donald Trump. Being attorney general of the United States is a sacred trust. You have betrayed that trust. America deserves better. You should resign. I have some questions for you.”

Barr denied that he acted inappropriately and explained that there was not a high enough standard of evidence to prove obstruction of justice on Trump’s behalf. Hirono continued to push Barr on his obstruction of justice decision, pointing to several different points throughout Mueller’s 400-page report.

When Barr asked for clarification about what Hirono was talking about, she snapped at him, saying, “Please, Mr. Attorney General, you know, give us some credit for knowing what the hell is going on around here with you.”

At that point, Graham stepped in and claimed that Hirono did “not really” deserve credit for knowing what was going on.

“Listen, you’ve slandered this man,” said Graham.

Hirono pushed back, saying, “I do not think that I am slandering anyone.”

Graham fired back at Hirono, slamming her for using most of her time for questioning to launch an accusation-filled monologue instead of asking questions.

“You slandered this man, from top to bottom, so if you want more of this, you’re not going to get it, if you want to ask him questions, you can,” Graham said.

Hirono denied that she had done anything wrong, telling Graham, “You certainly have your opinion and I have mine.”

Despite Graham’s condemnation, Hirono hopped on Twitter to double down on her accusations and call for Barr’s resignation.

Barr is expected to testify before the House on Thursday. Additionally, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to testify before the House later this month.


  1. Why is Barr being questioned? He did not conduct a 2 year, $35M investigation. He did not write the Mueller Report. He did not appoint Mueller. If the demoncraps have questions about what is in the Mueller report and how the findings by Mueller and his band of demoncrap attorney investigators came to their conclusions they should be questioning Mueller and all the investigators.

  2. Senator Graham you have to use smaller words. Sen. Hirono doesn’t understand big words like slander.

  3. She had that slanderous speech/accusation/comment all prepared beforehand. She’s just another demon on the left who does not know how to accept truth and virtue. That bunch of libtards will never accept the Mueller report—-it did not fit their agenda. And so, on with the slandering and lies, along with strong efforts to create a negative report. It will be interesting to find out what is in the IG’s report. Still—-those dem/libs will not shut their mouths.

  4. Hirono should be the one to resign. She was obnoxious to Mr Barr .

  5. She is right. Barr is a shame of IG. He is a Trump defender, trying to bury the truth with embarrasing statements that clearly show he is lying. He is supposed to defend the law and the American people. I don’t apprecciate that Barr thinks we are stupid and we are going to believe him.

  6. What a piece of crap she is.Everything she said he did they have and still are doing.No wonder he did not show up today.Why should he.?Just what good did the meeting accomplish anyway?Dirt digging is all they do.

  7. Graham was exactly right she was slandering him. This is nothing but more lies and trashing of our duly elected president…she has no business being a Senator and should be removed. This is NOT acceptable…

  8. Looks like Hirohito has her own ideas about what Mueller’s investigation SHOULD have said to benefit the Socialists. Naturally anyone who defends the Republican President or the AG MUST be a liar in order to fit their narrative and slanderous propaganda.

    1. No, you are a liar when you testify one thing during a hearing and then admit at the next hearing that what you said before isn’t true. One time or the other, you lied.

      1. Specific examples please.

        If you fail to produce any then you are simply running your indoctrinations and repeating what your BETTERS told you to say.

    2. And you must be blind to the number of lies that the Liar-in-Chief utters every day.

      1. Bring proof not accusations. How ironic you are named for the goddess of thought and intellect.

        For example I can say you are lying and obstructing rational thinking. Prove otherwise.

        In this country there’s this concept of justice that says “innocent until proven guilty”. It’s why Mueller’s waste of taxpayer dollars was so outrageous. No crime, no proof. Just a snipe-hunt.

    3. James, HI is literally a socialist republic and I have many ex-pat Jawaiian friends to prove it.

      Mazie is demented with TDS, q.v. Phyllis.

      I’d like any one here to mention a single piece of legislation she’s done since 2016 to benefit her constituents, besides more handouts.

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