‘I’d Be Reluctant to Put Him Back in This Circus’: Lindsey Graham Weighs in on Don Jr Subpoena


Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) weighed in on the Republican-led Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s subpoena of President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Graham gave his thoughts to CNN’s Manu Raju regarding the surprise subpoena of Trump Jr. on Capitol Hill Thursday morning, saying that he would “be reluctant” to bring the president’s son in front of the committee if he were Trump Jr.’s attorney.

“I’m not his lawyer, so it’s up to him,” said Graham. “But if I were his lawyer, I’d be reluctant to bring him back into this circus.”

Watch the senator’s comments here:

Raju then pressed the Senate Judiciary chairman on Senator Richard Burr’s (R-N.C.) — the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — subpoena to bring Trump Jr. in front of the committee, to which Graham said that “meet[ing] [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller” would serve as “the last word” for him.

“I like Richard Burr, I just don’t know — to meet Mueller’s the last word for me,” continued Graham.

“I’m over. I’m done,” the South Carolina Senator added.

Graham is not the first Republican to take issue with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s move.

As IJR Red previously reported, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blasted the committee on Twitter Wednesday as not having received “the memo from the Majority Leaders that this case was closed.”

Additionally, House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) weighed in on the surprise subpoena, declaring it’s “time to move on” from the Russia investigation and called for a “focus on issues, not investigations” in his own tweet on Wednesday.

As IJR Red also noted, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney weighed in on the subpoena, as well, calling it “bad form” on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s part for not giving him a “heads up” about the subpoena.

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Joe McCarthy spent all of his political capital during the Red Scare and ended up a sad, alcoholic has-been.
The present state of affairs is equal. Drink up, Dumbocrats as Kool-Aid can be a mixer I suppose.


No question this circus atmosphere will continue on past 2020. What needs to happen is for the Dem majority in the House to be reduced to minority status with the 2020 elections so that those elected to serve the people can and will get on with the people’s business; not continue the present monkey business by the taxpayer parasites.





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