Lindsey Graham on How He Changed His Opinion on Trump After the Campaign: ‘He’s Exceeded Every Expectation’

Lindsey Graham
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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) wasn’t President Donald Trump’s biggest fan during the 2016 elections, but that has since changed to the point that Graham is one of Trump’s closest allies in the Senate.

During the 2016 election, Graham said that Trump should have been kicked out of the GOP and said he would make a “terrible commander in chief.”

And Trump wasn’t a huge fan of Graham, either. During the campaign, he gave out Graham’s personal cellphone number so “people can call him; so he can get something done.” This prompted Graham to smash his phone in a video with IJR.

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This is Senator Graham's official response to Donald Trump giving out his cell phone number.Follow IJ on YouTube:

Posted by IJR Red on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now, however, Graham is one of the president’s loudest supporters. As IJR previously reported, his change of attitude on Trump left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to say he had been “compromised,” a jab that some considered to be homophobic.

During an interview on Fox News, Graham explained how Trump was able to get him aboard the train to become one of his biggest defenders.

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“He beat me. He’s president of the United States. I want him to be successful. I wanted [former President Barack] Obama to be successful. I wanted [former President George W.] Bush to be successful. The people of South Carolina want me to work with the president when it makes sense. I like what he’s doing.

“He’s rebuilding the military. He cut our taxes. He destroyed the [ISIS] caliphate. He got out of the Iran nuclear deal. He’s got Rocket Man [Kim Jong Un] at the table. He’s deregulating the country. He put [Supreme Court Justice Neil] Gorsuch and [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh on the bench.”

“From my point of view, he’s exceeded every expectation I had,” Graham added.

The senator explained that Trump’s actions were enough to get him to change his mind despite the negativity from some Democrats.

“The only time you can be seen as a good Republican by the liberal side of the equation is when you attack a Republican,” Graham said. “I had my shot at President Trump, and the American people chose him.”

Graham noted that while they have their disagreements on some issues, such as the withdrawal from Syria, he’s “all in” on helping the president while he’s in office.

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Translation: I had really low expectations to start, and I am so concerned about my own political future I had to start working with him so he sees me as loyal.





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