Lindsey Graham Warned of ‘Holy Hell’ if Sessions Was Fired — Now He’s Backing Off

Lindsey Graham

When we learned that President Donald Trump axed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it surprised approximately nobody who has been reading the news for the past few years. Trump has been berating Sessions with the abandon of a high school bully who has just been crowned prom king.

What was more surprising (though also extremely predictable) was the immediacy with which Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina rushed to defend Trump’s move to pile Sessions among the scattered corpses of political careers claimed by the Trump administration.

Graham put out his statement in a series of three tweets:

Of course, this hasn’t been Graham’s line forever. During some points in Trump’s administration, Graham has been openly critical of the president; especially at the moments when Trump attacked his late friend Sen. John McCain.

One clip from July of 2017 that made the rounds on Wednesday was a 30-second video of Graham in a Senate hallway telling reporters that “there will be holy hell to pay” if Sessions is fired.

Wednesday’s tweets weren’t the first time that Graham has walked back his defense of Sessions. In August of 2018, he said that it could be necessary for Trump to fire the Attorney General, saying “this relationship [between Trump and Sessions] is beyond repair, I think. I’m not asking him to be fired, but the relationship is not working.”

Sessions’ replacement as acting Attorney General is Matthew Whitaker, a former Sessions underling who has already expressed his opinion that Robert Mueller’s probe is overreaching. In a CNN op-ed Whitaker wrote:

“It is time for Rosenstein, who is the acting attorney general for the purposes of this investigation, to order Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation to the four corners of the order appointing him special counsel.”

As acting Attorney General, Whitaker will take control over the Mueller probe and could do the exact sort of thing he suggested in the CNN editorial.

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  1. Numerous Executives have had numerous Cabinet Members resign throughout years, past. Shouldn’t everyone just chill?

  2. “to pile Sessions among the scattered corpses of political careers”

    Very good, Alex!

  3. Lindsey Graham is very wishy-washy and kind of fake. He is funny sometimes with his little statements, but really kind of a wimpy little man!

    1. Yes, he is like a small dog making a lot of noise, but he gets to golf with the President, now.

    2. I have frequently claimed that Lindsey should abandon politics for stand-up comedian. He has excellent timing and is very funny. Better to make folks laugh than to be laughed at.

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