‘Every American Should Be Concerned’: Graham Slams Potential Intelligence Corruption in Russia Probe

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) slammed the potential intelligence corruption that happened during the beginning of the Russia probe during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

The senator shared his approval of Attorney General William Barr appointing John Durham to investigate whether there was corruption.

“Durham is going to look at all things criminal. He’s on the case. The collusion narrative has died with the Mueller report. The corruption narrative is growing by every day,” Graham said.

Watch the video below:

He also claimed that there was a double standard when it came to the issue, saying that the scrutiny would be much more aggressive if it were Republicans who were allegedly guilty.

“I can only imagine if the names were changed and this was about Republicans doing what you just described to a Democrat,” Graham said. “It would be front-page news all over the world.”

The senator also said that Americans should be worried about the investigation as well, pointing out that the FISA courts were potentially lied to for political reasons:

“Maybe getting foreign governments to do things that we can’t do, which every American should be concerned about. Every American should be concerned about whether or not the FISA court, which is a secret court, was lied to about the source of information to use to gather a warrant. Every American should be worried about whether or not our government tried to get some foreign government to do things that we’re prohibited to do by law.”

Graham referenced the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s review of the FISA warrant that will soon be released, saying he hoped it would have answers into the situation.

“Horowitz will be coming out soon, I hope, with his internal review of the FISA warrant application and whether or not the court was defrauded by the Department of Justice and the FBI,” Graham said.

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Intelligence is a many splendored term isn’t it?


Collusion…you bet the democrats were involved in Collusion with the Russians….


The various intelligence agencies work for US/U.S. We should be concerned that they have abused their powers in a partisan attempt at a coup. Yes,j overturning the results of a lawful election are exactly that.

No big deal? Remember what they can do to the “big” they can do to the “small”. That’s us, their nominal employers.


It wouldn’t surprise me if, when the truth comes out, we find there was indeed collusion with the Russians and Democrats were behind it all.


Will be interesting to find out where the real corruption was relating to the Russia Probe!

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