Graham Pokes Fun at Pelosi’s Predicament as Dems Push Impeachment: ‘She Knows’ It’s ‘Political Suicide’

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) poked fun at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as she finds herself caught in a growing impeachment impasse with her own party.

Joining host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Graham joked that Pelosi was “riding a bucking wild bronco called the Democratic Caucus” as she pushes back on the increasing calls for impeachment from members of her party and pointed out that “70 percent” of Democrats “want Trump impeached.”

“She knows that impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the president. So she’s trying to keep the party intact, and if she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the House, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets re-elected.”

“But her job is very much at risk,” added the South Carolina Republican.

Watch the video here:


Graham continued on in the interview to blast the Democrats’ “political revenge” against Trump, saying that if he were in the president’s shoes, he’d “fight back.”

He also lauded Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a “voice” that Congress “trusted to be fair” before continuing his lambasting of the House Democrats, saying that he does not “trust [them] to be fair” and that they are “trying to re-do the Mueller report.”

“And at the end of the day,” added Graham. “It would be political suicide for them to impeach.”

Watch the clip here:

Graham’s comments come as Pelosi is facing mounting calls for Trump’s impeachment from members of the Democratic Party she leads as she pushes for more investigative approaches. Prominent conservatives have been quick to point out that Pelosi seems to be losing control of her party.

As IJR Red previously reported, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders torched the speaker as having “lost control” of the House Democrats and that “the far-left wing” was “telling her what to do.”

Additionally, IJR Red also noted that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich weighed in on the issue, proclaiming that the Democratic “base is so hungry to take on Trump that they would just run over [Pelosi] if she said ‘no.'”

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  1. Not impeaching Trump would be Constitutional suicide, as it would establish the precedent that the President can stonewall oversight by Congress. Donald J. Trump is not a bloodthirsty tyrant. His successor or two might be one. Pelosi needs to investigate and publicise the crimes, corruption, and incompetetence of Trump, to where even Senate Republicans support removing him from office.

    1. Not going to happen. Dems fought for keeping Mueller, hoping he’d find something. When he didn’t, they couldn’t accept it. Anyone with a brain can see that, even Senate Republicans. So if you can’t be specific (and provide the proof that Mueller could not find) on the crimes, corruption, and incompetence of Trump, you are a common gossip, apparently one without a brain.. Shame on you for acting all knowledgeable about the matter when you don’t know S**t, just like the rest of us.. .

  2. Always trying to read SanFranNan’s scat, I think it is quite telling that lately, as she moves toward that bank of microphones, her walk-up music is “Tiger By the Tail.”

  3. Turn ALL blue stats RED. One can see by watching the antics of Congress, Democrats can NOT be trusted. They haven’t done their job yet want to be paid for fighting with Trump.

    1. Some fights have to be done. The tougher road than collaboration.

  4. I say keep pushing it Democraps. If fact get rid of Pelosi and put the wet back Ocrazy-Cortez in the leadership. That will insure the destruction of the Democrap/Socialist Party.

    1. AOC is Puerto Rican, not Mexican, so “wetback” isn’t accurate I agree that putting her, Omar, and Tlaib in charge of the party would be hilarious.

      fun fact: Cesar Chavez and the UFW hated illegal immigrants as competition. They called them “wetbacks”, patrolled the border, and whipped, beat, and tortured those they caught.

      Those were the good old days. Why don’t we do the same?

      1. I’m glad you pointed a out how the UFW kicked ass because the libbies seem to think and even proclaim that Cesár was all about helping the new arrivals;
        Far from it.

        1. Otis, nice to see you back.

          The left is ALL about revising history to suit its narrative.

  5. All I see the Democrats offering, Is HATE!

  6. 330 Million Americans. No two brains Think exactly alike. Be it Dem. or Rep. yet the Republicans seem to forget that they did multiple years of investigation on just one or two alleged infractions. They for their own nefarious reasons are turning a blind eye to the Dozens of nefarious infractions trump and his band of Dishonest Cabinet and followers are committing on a daily basis. The Mueller report did Not Exonerate trump. It states the facts. Congresses responsibility is to Investigate fully, and hold wrong doing accountable.
    Obstruction and Stonewalling is trumps agenda.
    He is Guilty of an attempted coup on the American people, only for his benefit.

    1. Dementia is definitely not your friend! Might want to check with your close relatives…they might be worried about your state of mind!! By the way…the State of Mind was one of Obama’s 57 states!

    2. Something is wrong here…which world are you living in??

    3. Well aren’t you cute! So this is what TDS sounds like. Just guessing CNN is your go to place for news.

    4. Some people live in a different world…which one are you living in??

    5. Lin, interesting that you know of these illegal acts, but like all liberal BS you have no facts. Your un knowledgeable heresy is just that pure BULL.

    6. “The Mueller report did Not Exonerate trump. It states the facts.” Linn

      While you are correct, King Donald The Loser’s cult members have no interest in facts or the truth. They are confused by anything that doesn’t come out of the King’s mouth.

      1. Mueller let you down didn’t he. Maybe you and the other Socialist can come up with another attack. Probably can!

      2. Prosecutes DO NOT EXONERATE!!! They charge, or shut up!!! Mueller played Politics!!!

        1. Small adjustment. INVESTIGATORS do not prosecute. They present their findings to the DoJ, which does the legal niceties.

      3. Genital Contusion, if the “cult” includes Congress, the DOJ, the FBI, etc. then YOU are in trouble.

        I’d tell, but the NSA is already watching us.

        1. Sargent, arrest I Ching for insubordination, under Section 85/108.13 of the National Defence Act, and throw him in the brig!

          1. On Memorial Day of all times you persist in the delusion that
            a. you’re in the military
            b. you have power over others.

            You must be a Dimocrat. And confused.

      4. I have a 4 month old baby granddaughter that cries less than you whiny leftists.

    7. Stay in dream land and continue to whine. I love it. Didn’t get what you wanted in the Mueller report wah wah so the bed wetting continues. Return to safe room and take your meds.

    8. Linn, Clinton AKSHULLY (hip-hop spelling) committed crimes. Perjury and obstruction (sound familiar?)

      Mueller had nothing. No crime to investigate, no real documents, etc. So….22+ months and $25-30 million OF OUR TAX DOLLARS later they still have nothing.

      “Nefarious”. Great word. Let’s see if it occurs during the investigations by Barr, Horowitz, and Durham of those who attempted this rejection of voters’ 2016 choice. Can you say “disenfranchisement”?

      1. You hinting at those 114+ felonies under the Espionage Act the Hildabeast committed while Secretary of State; the “accidental loss” of some $6 million while SOS; the theft of items from the WH while First “lady”; or, any of the other crimes this born-for-prison individual got away with during her 40+ years as a radicalized Socialist/Dimwit politician?

        1. We were discussing impeachment and the other Clinton. But now that you mention it, Her Pantsuitedness will hopefully, finally, have some ‘splainin’ to do.

          I hear their “we need more income” tour is flailing. Apparently they’ve lost their mojo.

  7. How foolish of the Dumocraps, but it sure helps the Republicans win. They have done nothing in two and a half years but buck every single thing Trump has tried to do for this Country and the honest Americans, true Patriots! They are such an embarrassment. Trump is full of surprises and he is no politician, but he has always had one goal in mind, Make America Great Again, Trump 2020! brought to you by the Dumocraps.

    1. It has gotten to the point where you can LITERALLY hear the democraps hammering the final nails in their political party coffin.

  8. Let the angry Dems either ride that horse or get off. They should be all-in if they truly want transparency. Let the chips fall where they may.

  9. Dems are all a bunch of worthless oxygen thieves not worthy of their positions.

    1. Dems are acting like a bunch of crybaby sore losers. And we taxpayers paying their salaries? What a pathetic performance. They are still in a snit about losing the election.

      1. I can’t really say anything about being a taxpayer. My earnings for 2018 where a just a tad over $74,000.00 and I got back more than I paid in. Unfortunately I belong to the 49% of the “working poor” Americans that don’t pay any federal income taxes.

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