Lindsey Graham Rips Press for ‘Activist’ Journalism After Acosta Incident: ‘Allies of the Democratic Party’

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senator Lindsey Graham held nothing back when he called out journalists defending Jim Acosta for his behavior at a Tuesday press conference.

Graham took to Twitter to express his disapproval of the situation.

The White House press corps released a statement after CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass was taken away. During the press conference, Acosta refused to hand over the mic and appeared to block a White House aide from taking it from him.

Acosta also tweeted out his response to the situation and was on CNN discussing why he believed his behavior was not wrong.


Although there is some controversy over how press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that Acosta “laid his hands on the aide,” Graham said that the media has started to become activists in politics.

Sanders also tweeted out a video of the situation, although there are some who are claiming that the footage is doctored.


Many conservative leaders have spoken out in the past about issues with the way that media reports stories. President Donald Trump has been a well-known critic of media companies he does not believe are fair, and has had issues with Acosta in the past.

It is uncertain if Acosta will apologize or if his press pass will be reinstated.

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Rocky Drummond

‘Allies of the Democratic Party’

Do you mean like FOX is the propaganda wing of the Republican Party? Got it.

I. Chin

1. start scrutinizing and revoking more press credentials. April Ryan comes to mind. Eemember who’s actually in charge. clue: it’s not the press.

2. make some hard, fast rules. If you act like an egotistic, abusive butthole with an agenda you are out. Journalists ask questions and report. They do not bully or attempt to force a narrative, especially at the expense of other journalists.

Charlotte Haggerty

I saw when it was actually happening and was apauled that man acted like he was not going to let the intern have the microphone and pushed her arm away and would not give it up! So did many others that saw it live like I did. Who do these news people think they are.?

I’m with the President who told him to run CNN and he will run the White House!

I would BAN Him permantly! He helps the cause of the violence going on!

I. Chin

Agreed. Acosta has been out of control–professionally and ethically–for too long. Physically resisting/assaulting an intern was the last straw, not just as a “journalist” but as a man.

I wish it had been a male intern and he’d decked Acosta. Having the Secret Service frog-march him out would have made him a figure of sympathy.

Matthew Whitaker

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