‘You Don’t Have to Be Sherlock Holmes’: Graham Slams Khashoggi Investigation, Points to Saudi Royal Family

During an interview on Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) continued to criticize the Saudi Arabian government.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly killed at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey, and many U.S. lawmakers are pointing to the Saudi government as being responsible.

Graham has been extremely outspoken about his dissatisfaction with the Saudi investigation, requesting to stop the relationship with the country until there is new leadership.

When asked about his opinion on the Khashoggi investigation, Graham said, “You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes … to figure this out.”


Graham claimed that he was confident that the Saudi government was responsible.

“To send an assassination squad to Turkey to kill a man on foreign soil in a consulate in Turkey violates every norm known to mankind — freedom of the press, extrajudicial killings,” said Graham.


Graham said that it was especially upsetting because of Saudi Arabia’s status as allies.

“We deal with people who are bad because sometimes we have to, but these are allies, this shows tremendous disrespect for me and President Trump to put us in this box,” Graham said.

The Saudi king has ordered a probe into the disappearance and has repeatedly denied any involvement. President Donald Trump has threatened “severe punishment” if they are found to have lied.

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I. Chin

bin Salman is the leader of a medieval kingdom. Forget the money and technical veneer. These are NOT smart people.

The brilliant idea to torture, kill, and dismember Khashoggi in their own embassy is genius. Not. An embassy employee complained about the noise and was told to shut up unless he wanted to be beheaded. Nice. They even captured this exchange on video.


The Saudis are about as trustworthy as Jack the Ripper and Typhoid Mary were.

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