What It Was Like to Be the First Reporter At Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement

Donald Trump, who claims to be worth more than $8 billion, made a big announcement today at a big building with his name on it. As a journalist, I decided to go.

The media advisory for the Trump rally said we could arrive at 5AM. So I did.

The person at the media desk said “Why are you here so early?”

Past the press desk, this was the entrance.

You had to have proper footwear.

At 5:07 AM, things were quiet.

We then found out that we were seated right next to TMZ in the press riser.

At 5:35 AM, we found a shop where you can buy gold chocolate bars.

But we bought a water instead.

They gave us foreign currency for change.

We got an inside look at how they squeegee the escalators for Donald Trump.

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How the escalators get squeeged at Trump Tower

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Eventually, the risers started filling up.

So I snapped a selfie.

SPOTTED: Donald Trump.

Then the Trump supporters now showing up:

There was a store selling Trump swag like these books.

And “You’re Fired” shirts.

And this “Trump” bear.

Trump said he owns a Gucci store that is worth more than Mitt Romney. This kid is a part of it.

Here is what Trump campaign volunteers look like.


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Real America

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Trump Kid.

Trump VIP.

But then the event began. This was my view.

Then Trump took the stage.

He gave a speech:

Then he made his big announcement:

“I am officially running for president of the United States.”

After the speech, I needed internet to file my story.

But first I ran into this guy:

But finally, I made it to a Starbucks and finished this story.

Wearing this shirt.

And that’s what I learned from being the first reporter at Donald Trump’s presidential announcement.

What do you think?

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