Cheney Shreds Ocasio-Cortez for Her ‘Stunning’ Call to ‘Get Rid’ of the Department of Homeland Security

Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) tore into Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) after the freshman congresswoman called for the abolition of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

While talking to reporters on Wednesday, Rep. Cheney blasted Ocasio-Cortez’s “stunning” call to dismantle DHS as being one of “absolute irresponsibility” and vowed that the Republicans in Congress would be doing “everything necessary” in order to “uphold” their “constitutional obligations.”

“The level of just absolute irresponsibility now that we are seeing in the Democratic side among someone who clearly is one of the intellectual leaders now of the Democratic Party is really stunning,” said Cheney. “And we will continue to fight as Republicans to make sure we’re doing everything we can, everything necessary to uphold our constitutional obligations to defend this nation.”

Cheney continued on to “remind everyone” that DHS is a “crucial” agency which keeps “our citizens safe” and is made up of “approximately 22 agencies,” including the Secret Service and FEMA.

“We would just remind everyone the Department of Homeland Security is comprised of approximately 22 agencies,” said the Wyoming Republican. “They undertake fundamental cyber intel operations for the nation. Secret Service is part of the Department of Homeland Security. FEMA is part of the Department of Homeland Security.”

“It is a crucial agency and a crucial set of operations that keep this nation, keep our citizens safe,” added Cheney.

Her remarks came after Ocasio-Cortez called for the abolishment of DHS — which was established through legislation by Congress in November 2002 and opened its doors in 2003 following the September 11th attacks — during an interview with New Yorker Radio last week.

As IJR Red previously reported, the self-described democratic socialist claimed that the nation needed to go back on the “egregious mistakes” made during former President George W. Bush’s administration and that her “position” was backed by “evidence.”

“It’s a very qualified and supported position, at least in terms of evidence, and in terms of being able to make the argument that we never should have created DHS in the early 2000s,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

Cheney has clapped back at the New York Democrat before.

As IJR Red previously reported, the Wyoming Republican and Ocasio-Cortez got into a Twitter spat regarding the latter’s infamous “concentration camp” comments about migrant holding facilities as “completely ludicrous” and demanded an apology from the freshman Democrat.

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  1. As a right winger, I’m not sure if AOC is wrong on this. What this newer department has done over the years of its existence, has not been all that swell. From the ability to write warrants at the front door of a suspect – to being arrested without the 72 hour “habeas” writ, we’ve actually lost rights by its creation.

    An elderly woman in NJ had a muslim guest under surveillance at her B&B around 2007-8, and the FBI wrote a warrant at her door, knocked, handed it to the woman, and since she did not have her glasses, handed it to her sister to read it to her, and the woman who answered the door was arrested (you’re not allowed to share the warrant with ANYONE else, nor tell anyone about it). The case was appealed to a higher court and once the FBI knew they were getting a conservative judge and would likely lose, they dropped the charges. THIS way, they get to keep doing it.

    There’s a great deal wrong with the DHS… It should have never been created. Worse yet, I voted for he guy who created it.

  2. It’s backed by facts that I’ll conveniently not list off during this interview because I deal in garnering emotional responses not actually making factual arguments. How can people not see the insanity in this woman the power hungry crazed look constantly in her eyes how do they not see this.

  3. That is what happen when ignorant people goes to vote, they select their ilk and Voile! AOC

  4. Thank God there are still a few “adults” in the room in Congress.

  5. Mouthy idiot—does not deserve to be a Congressional member!

  6. AOC—-Always Overwhelming Crap
    She was shocked to learn that vegetables grow from the ground—-amazing ignorance.
    Deserves no place in Congress. I would not let her serve drinks from my bar!

    1. Was that an actual occurrence where she literally didn’t know vegetables grow from the ground surely you jest.

  7. The reality is this, AOC is seriously mentally ill… And I’m not saying that off-handed, look in her eyes, listen to what comes out of her mouth, regard her actions and words…. This little cupcake is seriously messed up. I have no doubt that she is mentally undone. What’s even more unbelievably Ludacris, is that so many people on the left fall in line behind someone who is not only mentally ill, but a complete idiot!!

  8. Just can not understand how or better why this mouthy uninformed woman continues to get so much attention. Frankly if I never heard her name again it would be great day. And she makes no apology for being uninformed.

  9. AOC claimed that the nation needed to go back on the “egregious mistakes” made during former President George W. Bush’s administration and that her “position” was backed by “evidence.” Hey Congress lady show us the facts

  10. It’s likely that Socialist Barbie focused solely on those parts of the DHS she disliked, specifically CBP and ICE, and had no clue how many agencies it encompasses. This would not be inconsistent with her track record of ignorance. Maybe she should hire a fact-checker/researcher AND listen to that person.

    Since she’s already “hired” her boyfriend and given him a Congressional email, maybe he can do something useful.

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