Cheney Slams House Dems: ‘They’ve Been Determined to Impeach This President at All Costs’

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is slamming House Democrats for trying to impeach President Donald Trump “at all costs.”

During Tuesday’s press conference, the number three House Republican came out swinging against the Democrats.

She blasted Democrats for their “terribly radical, dangerous agenda” focusing on ideas such as trying to “kill fossil fuels,” their “efforts to fundamentally violate” Americans’ right to bear arms, and “their absolute determination to go down the path of impeachment.”

Cheney elaborated on her point about impeachment, saying that the Democrats have been “speaking very publicly” on the issue and talking “on the record” about how the party’s “first effort” at impeaching the president “seems not to have worked.”

“They have been determined to impeach this president at all costs since he was elected, regardless of the Constitution,” said Cheney. “And they’re fundamentally failing to abide by and live up to their constitutional responsibilities [by] turning impeachment into an absolutely political endeavor.”

Watch the video here:

Cheney noted that Republicans on the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary and Oversight Committees — headed up by Chairmen Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), respectively — have requested that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz appear before the committee about his recent bombshell report into former FBI Director James Comey.

“The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will not bring [Horowitz] in to testify,” said Cheney. “They refuse to do that, and we think that that just fundamentally shows you their lack of substantive concern for issues that really should matter when the director of the FBI conducts himself that way because they’re too focused on political attacks on the president.”

Several Democrats as well as Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.), — a former Republican — have called for Trump’s impeachment.

As IJR previously reported, House Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) blasted Democrats for being “solely focused” on impeaching Trump rather than other critical issues, such as China stealing intellectual property or the crisis at the southern border.

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The Genitslly Confused One: “Yes, that’s why I want King Donald The Loser’s businesses and finances investigated THOROUGHLY, not Muellerized.

As always – follow the money!”

You hope to STILL make something out of nothing? You think that 19 Democrat bought and paid for lawyers with all of their access have overlooked what your wet dream hasn’t?

You really ARE confused!!! ….More like you’re an IDIOT!!!’s


Oh Confused over your privates: perhaps YOU should read the MUELLER report (you can read, can’t you). Nothing was found that was illegal despite all the investigation attorneys on Mueller’s team being partisan hack Democrats. ….Or perhaps even better, you should review Mueller’s unbelievably pathetic testimony in front of congress. Mr. Magoo would have done better. I would have felt badly over his epic fail were it not for the fact that the MFer got millions of dollars to participate in this farce! Rumor has it, he couldn’t remember where he parked his car afterwards or even where the exit… Read more »

General Confusion

“Has the Left figured out (or manufactured an excuse) yet WHY they want to impeach the greatest POTUS since Ronald Reagan?” Confused James

Ever heard of tbe Mueller Report? Maybe you should try reading it.

I want to see an investigation into King Donald The Loser’s other crimes starting at the least with him selling 5 condos to Russian David Bogatin, in 1984, starting his “Russian Laundromat”.


The Left’s obsession with wanting to impeach Trump continues to prove: Being on the Left is an incurable mental disorder. WHO being of sound mind would even consider voting for one who lacks cognitive functioning? (Gaffe -a-Minute Biden comes immediately to mind.)

BTW: (1) Has the Left figured out (or manufactured an excuse) yet WHY they want to impeach the greatest POTUS since Ronald Reagan? (2) WHY wasn’t the anti-American (White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow) Kenyan Marxist impeached on Day One of his illegitimate reign? HE was certainly deserving of at least deportation



I doubt that “impeachment” was their only platform plank.


The Genitally Confused General: “How about the lack of substantive concerns over your war criminal father? Convicted, in 2012, of torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of war crime victims.” I guess you were playing with your privates when you heard that Dick Cheney was accused of ANYTHING. Maybe it was YOU that you heard cumming. Or maybe you’re more concerned about the a-hole Is-slime POW’s that were caught in the fields of battle killing our soldiers. Love ISIS, the Taliban and their ilk, so much? Go join them. I heard they’re hiring because they’ve lost a lot of… Read more »


The greatest cost of their impeachment obsession is focusing on that, over other priorities. Like doing their elected jobs.

If Trump came out and said the wall is a bad idea and we should have open-borders I wonder if they’d get whiplash? Would they be TDS enough to support the wall and border enforcement? Some might.

General Confusion

“their lack of substantive concern for issues” Liz Cheney

As if you really care. Not! I am confused, Liz.

How about the lack of substantive concerns over your war criminal father? Convicted, in 2012, of torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of war crime victims.





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