Liz Cheney Claims Dems Have ‘Two Pillars’ of Their Party: Impeaching Trump and Embracing Socialism

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) broke down what she sees as the two main goals of the Democratic Party: impeaching President Donald Trump and embracing socialism.

Cheney — who serves as chair of the House Republican Conference — called out her colleagues across the aisle for failing to help Republicans address the growing humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

During the House Republican press conference on Tuesday, Cheney laid into House Democrats for focusing on impeachment rather than immigration.

Watch Cheney’s statement:

“We are still facing a situation where we’ve got a crisis at our southern border and where the Democrats refuse to take action. They’re so tangled up in their efforts to impeach the president and the investigations and the battles going on within their own caucus that they seem incapable of actually doing anything the American people elected us to come here and do.”

Cheney noted that President Trump managed to negotiate a deal with Mexico to have them secure their southern border in exchange for him halting a 5% tariff he vowed to hit them with if they did not do more to curb migration from Central America.

While Trump has been on his own in addressing the crisis at the border, Democrats have been very busy investigating him, including hosting a hearing with John Dean of the Watergate investigations on Monday. Beyond investigating Trump, House Democrats are planning to spend additional time going over the Green New Deal — the $93 trillion House resolution to fight climate change.

Cheney claimed this was a good summation of the priorities of the Democratic Party, adding that the “two pillars” of the party are investigating Trump and pushing socialist policies.

“The Democrats are focused on holding hearings with people like John Dean. They’ll be holding a hearing on the Green New Deal, yet again, and on government takeover of health care this week. So while things at the border continue to get worse, while people across this nation continue to expect their elected representatives to be here to make sure that we are continuing to keep the economy growing, make sure we are seeing regulations continue to be rolled back, that we are continuing to focus on issues related to health care, jobs, the economy, and our national security. The Democrats are doing none of that. They’ve basically got two pillars of six months in office, one is embracing socialism and the other is attempting to impeach this president.”

She claimed Republicans are working to “get the message out” that they know voters want to see policy changes, not investigations.

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