RNC Spox Explains Why GOP Needs to Win 2020 While Railing Against New Kavanaugh ‘Smear’

Jabin Botsford/File Photo/Pool via Reuters

The national spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee (RNC) railed against the media and the Democrats running for president for their “smear” of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In an opinion piece published Tuesday, RNC national spokeswoman Liz Harrington blasted the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates for their renewed attacks on Kavanaugh and calling for his resignation.

Harrington pointed out that Kavanaugh “had passed six FBI background checks” while he rose to be a judge for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and had a “sterling reputation” — one that had not been marred by even being “accused of the slightest amount of wrongdoing.”

“Democratic hopefuls for president led this charge [in 2018],” wrote Harrington. “Now they are doing it again.”

The RNC spokeswoman pointed out the “problem” with the latest allegations against the Supreme Court justice was that it came from “a Clinton attorney” who has long fought against Kavanaugh.

“The only problem: the latest ‘bombshell’ involves an accusation not actually made by an accuser, but by a Clinton attorney who has sparred against Kavanaugh for decades,” wrote Harrington.

She pointed out that the recent article by The New York Times bringing a new allegation against Kavanaugh had to be updated because it ignored the “minor detail” that the alleged victim did not recall the event occurring between her and the Supreme Court justice.

“Nevertheless, Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, and Julián Castro called for investigations and the removal of the man Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg credits for increasing the number of female law clerks to a record high, based on allegations with no corroboration.”

Harrington then warned that Americans “know exactly what to expect” should the Democrats gain control of the presidency.

“If Democrats return to power, we know exactly what to expect. They repeatedly launch smears against their opponents with little facts,” wrote the RNC spokeswoman before railing against Senators Cory Booker (D-N.J) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) for their calling the Jussie Smollett case a “modern-day lynching.”

She then blasted the Democrats as believing “the worst” about those who politically oppose them without taking into account “the evidence” and that “Republicans are guilty” of anything that they are accused of even when the evidence points to otherwise.

“In their sanctimony, Democrats believe the worst about their political opponents without regard for the evidence. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ no longer applies. Republicans are guilty of whatever Democrats accuse them of, and when the evidence comes up short, we are still ‘not exonerated.'”

“Democrats have proven again and again they cannot be trusted with the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world,” concluded Harrington. “Boy, they want power. We cannot let them get it.”

As IJR previously reported, several of the Democratic candidates have called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment after The New York Times published a piece alleging that the Supreme Court justice had sexually assaulted someone during a freshman year party at Yale University.

The Times issued an update to the story after it was revealed that critical information — the alleged victim did not recall the event even occurring — was initially omitted from the published article.

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James, IQ is just a #. Personal weaknesses and character defects play just as much a part. Historically, the Dims have accused others of sexual improprieties since forever. You may recall “Ma, Ma where my pa?” to Clarence Thomas and now Kavanaugh. Yet they ignore pederasts, pedophiles, and things like Clinton, Epstein, Weinstein, etc. Let’s not forget Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd making “waitress sandwiches” nor Teddy’s drowning by neglect of a young woman. And that’s just recently. The fun part of this is that Phyllis will spend half a night dredging up non-Dim improprieties. She’s so predictable.


The Left/DNC (same thing) will continue the smear on Kavanagh, questioning his every decision as tainted. It’ a primitive strategy but it makes them feel good. Feeling are very important to the Left, but only after seeking power.





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