Local Sheriff Refuses to Enforce State’s Gun Control Law: ‘Blatant Disregard for Constitutional Rights’

One local sheriff gathered praise after he indicated he would create a sanctuary city for gun owners who might violate a new sweeping gun control law passed by Washington state.

Police Chief Loren Culp reportedly received a standing ovation at his city council meeting in Republic last week and even attracted rocker Ted Nugent’s attention for his stand against gun control, the Seattle Times reported.

Watch his speech before the city council below:

His proposal, titled “2nd Amendment Sanctuary City Ordinance,” would counter a gun control initiative approved by voters in November.

Initiative 1639 is one of the strictest firearm regulations in the country and raises the purchase age from 18 to 21 for semi-automatic rifles.

“I’m just standing up for people’s rights,” Culp said, according to the Times.

“I had people asking if the Police Department was going to start arresting teenagers, 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds, carrying and using a semi-automatic .22 rifle. I told them, ‘I’m not going to infringe on someone’s constitutional rights.’”

According to Fox News, Culp said he believed he had no choice “but to stand up for the people that I served.” He also said, “I felt it was such a blatant disregard for constitutional rights.”

Watch the report below:

While it’s unclear whether the city council will pass the measure, it could receive a vote before the state law takes effect in the new year.

Gun control advocates reportedly pushed back on Culp’s advocacy. “If we have leaders that are responsible for ensuring the laws are enforced, picking and choosing which laws they get to enforce, we have a huge problem,” Renee Hopkins, CEO of Alliance for Gun Responsibility, said.

Hopkins echoed conservative arguments surrounding sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants whom jurisdictions refused to detain despite requests from federal immigration enforcement.

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What goes around, comes around. People who advocated for sanctuary cities cannot be surprised or outraged at this.

This is likely to have far less unintended consequences as not enforcing any immigration laws.


“If we have leaders that are responsible for ensuring the laws are enforced, picking and choosing which laws they get to enforce, we have a huge problem”. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? What is the libtards problem with seeing the same FACT with sanctuary cities for illegal aliens?


not to mention the fact that the right to bear arms actually DOES EXIST, the right tocome here illegally does not exit.

Phyllis Softa

So are convicted felons and those on probation losing their 2nd amendment rights unconstitutional? The amendment does not indicated, “unless you are convicted of a felony.” That is a federal law.


The comment was about leaders of sanctuary cities picking and choosing which laws they are gonna enforce. Please explain how your lame response is applicable.


Picking & choosing which laws are enforced was one of the primary catalysts for starting a civil war in this country. Many of the Confederate states listed lax enforcement of fugitive slave laws as one of their main grievances in their declarations of succession. All of those sanctuary cities in the North were a huge obstacle for people to get their property returned to them, and were clearly against the law. People will enforce the laws they feel are just, and ignore the ones they don’t.

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