Dana Loesch Continues Calling Out CNN’s Award-Winning Parkland Town Hall: ‘Didn’t Advance the Conversation’


During an interview on Fox News, Dana Loesch continued to slam CNN for the Parkland town hall that is being honored with an award for advancing the conversation about gun control.

As IJR Red reported, Loesch recently slammed the network on Twitter after they were promoting the town hall for winning the Walter Cronkite award. Now the gun rights activist is speaking out against the network for presenting a very one-sided view of the topic.

“The whole thing was titled Students Demand Action, that’s how it was presented,” said Loesch. “That is how it was titled by CNN. So, it really wasn’t a town hall. It was not a journalistic enterprise at all. It was a very public, cathartic, kind of shaming.”

Loesch pointed out that the town hall did more to divide than to start a conversation.

“I don’t know exactly what to call it. But it didn’t advance the conversation. And that’s what they say in the award. They say that this town hall advanced the conversation. As you guys saw, there wasn’t really any conversation that was being had there.”

Watch Loesch’s comments on Fox News below:

Revealing that the crowd was being inflamed before the cameras even turned on, Loesch said the network did not show both sides of the issue.

“Yeah, well, he was also campaigning before he was brought out on the stage, actually before the cameras began. That’s one of the things network didn’t tell anyone, they brought out Scott Israel and all the politicians. They allowed them to give political speeches, and deflect blame, particularly Scott Israel,” Loesch said.

After bringing up issues with how the police department mishandled the situation, Loesch pointed out that CNN allowed Sheriff Scott Israel to defend himself with little pushback.

“These were things already known at the time. They just allowed him to skate. They ran defense for him,” Loesch said.

As IJR reported, Parkland dad Andrew Pollack also came to Loesch’s defense, saying that the activist was one of the only people to point out the failures of the administration. However, CNN has not apologized for promoting the award and has not contacted Loesch to be recognized for her part in the town hall.

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Congratulations to the Commie Noise Network for ambushing Dana. She was set up as their target since no one at CNN has the gonads to have a respectful conversation with any man – NRA President Oliver North, VP Wayne LaPierre or NRA-ILA Director Chris Cox – at the NRA. CNN’s cowardice shines through with their participation trophy.





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