Former AG Loretta Lynch Says Her Talk With Bill Clinton on Airport Tarmac Was About ‘Innocuous Things’

In an interview that aired Monday, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch told NBC’s “Today” show her controversial meeting with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac was just small talk.

“It was still 107 degrees outside,” Lynch explained. “I was told that [Clinton] wanted to come on the plane and say hello.”

When asked if she thought it would be a bad idea to meet Clinton as the email investigation was ongoing, Lynch defended the meeting because she met with political figures and people not in public life all the time. She also insisted they only made small talk and did not discuss the Department of Justice investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Lynch said they only “talked about innocuous things.”


“It seemed it looked we were going to say, ‘Hello, hi, how are you’ and then move on, and then the conversation would continue,” she added.

Lynch also said recusal on her part was not necessary.

“You always consult the legal experts,” she said. “You always get a legal answer as to whether or not recusal is required. And had it been, then that’s what I would have done.”

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