Lou Dobbs Calls Military Generals ‘Snowflakes’ for Criticizing Trump’s Fourth of July Celebration

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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is under fire for a tweet calling the high-ranking members of the military who expressed concerns about President Donald Trump’s militarized Fourth of July celebration “snowflakes.”

“No wonder these Snowflake Generals haven’t won a war since 1991,” Dobbs wrote in a tweet sharing a Daily Mail article.

The article included reporting from CNN with concerns from top Pentagon officials about the possibility that Trump’s speech could be too overtly political and place senior military officials in an uncomfortable position. Ultimately, a number of the top brass from the respective branches of the military sent representatives in their place and declined to personally attend.

Dobbs’ tweet quickly drew scorn from the internet, accumulating more than 20,000 direct responses to the initial tweet. A common refrain in the replies to the message contrasted Dobbs’ frequent praise for Trump, who avoided military service during the Vietnam War through multiple draft deferments, with his comments on members of the military who devoted years of service.

VoteVets, a progressive veterans group that distributed USS John McCain shirts at Trump’s speech, sarcastically called Dobbs a “Great War Hero.”

“Big talk there, Lou!” the group wrote, noting the television host never actually served.

“Lou Dobbs isn’t fit to carry their groceries,” wrote Ronald Klain, a former White House official in the Obama and Clinton administrations.

Others questioned how Dobbs would react if a Democrat made similar remarks:

“Nothing patriotic about these words,” former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul wrote.

For his part, Dobbs has become one of the president’s most consistent defenders on cable television. His on-air comments on the president and the Trump administration has repeatedly found its way to the president’s Twitter feed, where Trump praises him as “the great Lou Dobbs.”

Dobbs sat down with Trump in 2017 for one of the more softball interviews of the Trump presidency, where the very first question posed to the president took the form of lavish praise for Trump’s accomplishments.

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General Confusion

Two, three decades ago, I used to be indifferent to Lou Dobbs. Now all this sycophant does is confuse me.

Why does he still have a microphone?


Most important is this: refusing to participate not only shows disloyalty to their commander-in-chief but a contempt for the people, the country, and those who serve under them.

If you’ve read any military biographies you understand that the upper-echelon of the military is entirely political. Here they are allowing their politics to override their professionalism and loyalties. Better “persons” would have set those aside.

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