‘Lovely Lisa Page’ Sues FBI, Justice Over Release of Compromising Texts

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The former FBI lawyer repeatedly ridiculed as “lovely Lisa Page” by President Donald Trump sued the Justice Department and FBI Tuesday, alleging that the agency illegally released private communications between her and other officials at the agency in violation of the Privacy Act.

Page alleges that Justice Department officials summoned reporters to the agency after business hours on Dec. 17, 2017 and allowed them to read a 90-page document detailing 375 text messages sent to or by her to other officials. The department did so, Page alleges, in order to curry favor with the president and blunt his criticism of Jeff Sessions, who was attorney general at the time.

“The officials who authorized the disclosure and their allies sought to use, and ultimately did use, the messages to promote the false narrative that Plaintiff and others at the FBI were biased against President Trump, had conspired to undermine him, and otherwise had engaged in allegedly criminal acts, including treason,” the complaint alleges.

Since that release, Page says she has been referred to by name by Trump in dozens of television interviews, press conference, and tweets. “In these statements, the President has referred to Ms. Page as ‘incompetent,’ ‘corrupt,’ ‘pathetic,’ ‘stupid,’ a ‘dirty cop,’ a ‘loser,’ a ‘clown,’ ‘bad people,’ ‘sick people,’ a ‘lover,’ a ‘great lover,’ a ‘wonderful lover,’ a ‘stupid lover,’ and ‘lovely,’” according to the complaint.

Page cites this week’s release of the Justice Department Inspector General’s report, which cleared her by name, as proof that the charges leveled against her by Trump and her allies are untrue. Her complaint seeks damages “not less than $1,000,” along with attorney’s fees.

Page resigned from the FBI five months after the texts were released, revealing that she had been carrying on an affair with Peter Strzok, who was leading the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. In the texts, exchanged before the election, the pair referred to Trump as an “idiot” and “awful” and suggested that Hillary Clinton should win the 2016 election.

Strzok, who was fired by the agency last summer, sued the FBI not long afterward, claiming his dismissal was politically motivated.

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Allen Zabel

Let’s see here.
She sent text messages on a government phone.
The government has every right to see those texts.
Hell, they’re using third hand information, on the Presidents conversation.
BTW How many leaked documents and correspondence were given to the press, by your boyfriend?


It must be in the Liberals for Dummies handbook. She “takes little joy” in suing the DOJ and FBI and Pelosi took no joy in starting impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Page obviously is oblivious to the fact that texting on work time is vulnerable. And she and Strzok texted some very concerning veiled threats. Insurance policy? What’s that? No payday for her.

Karin Callaway

Ruined Reputation? Lady you ruined it all by yourself by ever sending the emails about your BIAS against OUR President. So why not bring suit to yourself. That way you can do what your cohorts the Democrats do and be Prosecutor, defense attorney, Judge, Jury, and executioner all at one time. No witnesses, no other legal counsel, no power to do anything but represent yourself.
Those emails and other statements made were in the plan to disenfranchise all of Mr. Trump’s voters.

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

What “expectations of privacy” exactly does she think she has – tweeting on FBI phones, on FBI time, through the FBI network, as an FBI employee…?

Walter Swartz
Walter Swartz

So . . . . only DEMS can leak info to the press . . . and expect no consequence? Pretty sure that’s what she’s saying.

william jackson

Typical lawyer move—regardless of reputation, if a scummy lawyer can make a buck—-full speed ahead. Page should hang her head in shame and go away. Perfectly demonstrates the values of an adulterer. Lisa the cheater, disloyal, infidelity, hanky-panky, immorality, 2 timer, bigamist, now shows her other values: greedy, self indulgent and a plain old money grubber! What a gal—probably will be Time’s next Person of the Year.

Bonnie Keever

The IGA can’t clear the FBI he doesn’t have the authority to do so and it was rebuffed by the AG

Thomas Luby

Page is a skank. No bias the adulteress claims? Hahaha……good one.





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