Rep. Luis Gutiérrez Torches DHS Secretary Nielsen — Then Walks Out Before She Can Even Respond

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) unloaded on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Thursday House Judiciary Committee hearing.

The fiery speech is likely the last time Gutiérrez will face off against Nielsen — the congressman who has represented Illinois’ 4th Congressional District since 1993 opted against pursuing re-election in 2018 and will leave Congress in the coming weeks.

With his retirement looming, Gutiérrez didn’t hold back in his remarks on Thursday. He opened by effectively calling the hearing a sham meant to show how “remorseless” Nielsen is.

“I suspect that if you still have your job — which seems to always be a big question — in three weeks, we’ll see if you still have the same sympathetic questions when you come back,” he said.

Gutiérrez lambasted the whole of the Trump administration for lying to the public before zeroing in on Nielsen and the department she helms.

“But specifically in the area of homeland security, lying has become elevated to a now-astounding level of mendacity,” Gutiérrez said.

The congressman also questioned why DHS is asking Congress for money to build a wall on the southern border when the president campaigned on the promise that Mexico would foot the bill.

Watch the video below, via C-SPAN:

Gutiérrez also took aim at former DHS Secretary and outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly for saying that undocumented immigrants struggle to assimilate into American society because they are uneducated.

“I would not assimilate,” he said of Kelly’s comments.

The congressman continued by lambasting Nielsen for claiming that DHS never had a policy of separating families. By the end of his allotted five minutes, Gutiérrez hadn’t directly asked Nielsen a single question.

Nielsen responded by labeling Gutiérrez’s accusations “fighting words” and maintained that she is not a liar. As the secretary attempted to argue why the administration’s policy was not one of family separation, the congressman stood up and left.


  1. What a piece sh*t. If you’re going to lambast someone, you should have enough respect and decency to allow that person to respond. I would say that acting like a snowflake and throwing a temper tantrum won’t get you far in life but there proving that statement to be wrong everyday of the week.

  2. For 2 millenniums now, history is chronicled with nut jobs challenging others’ Christianity.

    1. That banana republic is the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. Sadly both are part of the United States.

  3. What a Bitch Luis is……dis-honest in that all he wants is a sound bite over a solution. How embarrassing for any Democrat that actual cares about anything beyond the Agenda

    1. You are calling Guietterez a female dog???

      Exactly which demoncrap cares about anything other than the party line of resist and obstruct everything President Trump wants?

  4. Guietterez is a lying, conniving grandstander with no shame. Building a wall doesn’t change the laws for applying for or being granted asylum and he knows it! A wall is there to stop people who try to sneak into our country unlawfully and he knows this. He also knows 80% of asylum claims are completely bogus. Less than 10% are legitimate and granted. But Democrats never mention these facts, do they? If you aren’t honest about the problem, you obviously aren’t honest about fixing it.

  5. Illinois should be ashamed of itself for ever having elected this worthless Andy American piece of s***

    1. I think it’s just fine the son-of-a-b**** goes to hell away from Washington

  6. Hmm. If someone NOT a Democrat were so dismissive, he’d be facing cries of sexism.

    It’s a good thing this coward is leaving. Between him, Flake, brain-rot McCain, et al we’re seeing the true persons beneath their *ahem* professional demeanors.

      1. Very well thought out response. And very cute, too, with the different color frownie faces.
        Did you come up with this all by yourself?

      2. Thank U. It is a special kind of stupid. It begins with “not”.

        Love your way with words.

      3. ABSOLUTELY love the 5 up-votes for a totally MINDLESS response. Shows we have at least 5 totally mind-less individuals here. I can name 4 of them.

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