Why a Tree Planted by Trump and Macron Disappeared From the White House Lawn

No, the White House didn’t just get rid of French President Emmanuel Macron’s tree. But the tree’s unexplained disappearance briefly set off the internet rumor mill over the weekend.

Photos taken on Saturday by Reuters photographer Yuri Gripas showed the tree was no longer on the South Lawn. Instead, a visibly yellow patch of grass was in its place:

But French Ambassador to the United States Gérard Araud explained the disappearance late Sunday:

And while some speculated that planting and removing the tree defeated the purpose of the quarantine, Araud had a good explanation for that, too:

The small sapling Macron and Trump planted was meant to signify the strong bond between France and the United States. It originated from Belleau Wood, the site of a historic battle during World War I.

At that battle, the United States Marine Corps repelled a strong German offensive that was heading for Paris. According to legend, it was at Belleau Wood where the Marines earned their famous nickname “Devil Dogs.”

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