‘That’s a Lie’: Maggie Haberman Shuts Down Trump Claim About Reporters Asking for ‘Verification’

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump decided to lay another line of attack on the journalists who cover his presidency.

In a tweet, the commander in chief declared, “Stories are written that have absolutely no basis in fact. The writers don’t even call asking for verification.”

The tweet came on the heels of a Tuesday night story in the New York Times alleging that Trump tried to get a loyalist installed to oversee part of an investigation that’s focused on his campaign and finances.

But Maggie Haberman, the Times reporter who has broken scores of stories in the Trump era, took issue with Trump’s claim that reporters “don’t even call asking for verification.”

Haberman — who is also a CNN political analyst — said that she reached out to the White House on Friday and sent “several emails that went unanswered.”

When asked directly by host John Berman if Trump’s tweet is false, Haberman said, “That’s a lie. I don’t know if he knows it’s a lie or whether he is telling himself this is true.”

Trump has long had an ongoing feud with the press and the New York Times specifically. He’s personally attacked Haberman via Twitter on multiple occasions. Twice, he’s called her a “third rate reporter.”

But Haberman has continued to report big stories about the Trump administration and Trump has continued to rail against the press that he believes is treating him unfairly. She’s been covering the president for years since she was a reporter at the New York Post and he was a real estate mogul.

On Wednesday morning, he called the New York Times “the enemy of the people.”

He also dug into the Washington Post after a high schooler featured in a Post story leveled a lawsuit on the paper for $250 million. Trump called Washington’s paper of record “fake news” and cheered on the notion that the Post has a “biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump.”

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