Maher Clocks Schiff for ‘Stalking’ Trump with Continued Attacks on POTUS After Mueller’s Report

HBO host Bill Maher knocked House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) over his repetitive swings at President Donald Trump even after the special counsel’s final report during Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Although Robert Mueller’s final report did not conclude any collusion between the Russian government and Trump’s 2016 campaign, Schiff has claimed otherwise. When Schiff appeared on Maher’s show on Friday, the host scoffed at his continued attacks on Trump.

Schiff laid out his argument for why he believes Trump is “unfit for the presidency”:

“I do think [Mueller] laid out what we need to see, which is that the Russians engaged in a systemic effort to interfere in our election and that the Trump campaign welcomed it, embraced it, built it into their plan, they made full use of it, lied about it, covered it up, and obstructed the investigation into it. And if we had any doubt before about this president’s fitness for office, there is no doubt remaining. He is unfit for the presidency.”

Maher, however, was quick to mock him, saying, “But this was our big gun. Now it just looks like you’re stalking him.”

Maher added:

“Here’s the thing about Bob Mueller, he’s like the last thing in America that left and right agreed on- left and right basically agreed this is a guy of honor, this is a guy of honest guy… the fact that he was like ‘uhhhuhh,’ if you couldn’t impeach before, how are you going to impeach after or should you?”

See his comments below:

In response, Schiff noted he’s “not there yet” on impeachment proceedings, but “he may get me there.”

He continued:

“Here’s the awful dilemma that we face: if we don’t impeach him, that sends the message that this kind of conduct, this obstruction of justice… is non-impeachable. At the same time, if we do impeach him and he is acquited as he would likely be acquited, then the message is those are not impeachable offenses.”

Schiff then continued with his attacks on the president, saying that “at the end of the day, Bill, there’s only one way to deal with this problem, whether we impeach him or not, and that is to vote his ass out of office.”

Watch the full video below:

As for trying to boot Trump from the White House in the upcoming 2020 presidential election, several Democratic candidates do seem to be relying on popularity and attacks on Trump rather than policy positions, as some of their 2020 campaign websites reveal, to push them ahead in the race, IJR Red has noted.

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WHERE was Shifty Schiff when #44 was sticking his nose into the elections of other Nations; specifically Israel and Egypt? Was probably okay since #44 was a Muslim whose Islamic cult REQUIRED him to HATE infidels while smiling and regularly lying to their face.

Doug Smith

I wonder if ole Pencil Neck or Maher have any clue that all this Russian “interference” began under Obammy’s watch and that he is the one guilty of taking no action, of virtually turning his head and saying have at it Vlad. He, Brucey Obammy is the one that needs investigating for this scandal.


Pencil-neck Schitt has nothing and he should know it.

The Mueller report left the obstruction door open BECAUSE it had NOTHING to close it. Let the legal scholars argue whether resisting false accusations is obstruction.

I want to see the same microscope turned on those who brought the accusations, who enabled a false FISA ruling, and the media which enabled the lies in the first place.

Dwayne Reese

As usual they have nothing, not on integrity, not as AMERICANS, no work of any kind on anything AMERICAN, a sorry ass PARTY OF LOSERS.

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