A Majority of House Democrats Want an Impeachment Inquiry: ‘The Only Way to Achieve Justice’

A majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives are now pushing for an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, which represents a significant movement in the party. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi still has not publicly come out in support of impeachment.

In a press release on Wednesday, Congressman Eliot Engel of New York became one of the latest members to call for an impeachment inquiry. He accused Trump of obstructing justice in the Mueller probe, saying “the president abused the power of his office in an effort to stymie a legitimate investigation into his campaign’s involvement with Russia.”

Engel also cited Mueller’s recent appearance before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees as a reason that he’s now urging an impeachment inquiry, writing “Mr. Mueller’s testimony provided ample evidence that the President committed obstruction of justice, and I believe the House must pursue a formal impeachment inquiry.”

He closed by writing “the President’s repeated abuses have brought American democracy to a perilous crossroads. Following the guidance of the Constitution — which I have sworn to uphold – is the only way to achieve justice.”

The New York lawmaker is one of the highest-ranking members of Congress to call for an impeachment inquiry so far. He chairs the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, which he said in his press release is looking into Trump’s conflicts of interest around the world, including with Russia.

According to Politico, 118 members now support an impeachment inquiry. There are 235 voting Democrats in the House.

Other House chairs to call for impeachment include Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) of the House Financial Services Committee and Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) of the House Appropriations Committee. Rep. Jerry Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, has stopped short of formally calling for impeachment, though he recently said on CNN that Trump “has done many impeachable offenses.”


  1. >Michael<

    Barry and Hillary were masquerading as DemocRATs and their local, State and Federal crimes are exempt from all laws known to mankind now and in the future.

    Different strokes for different folks, ya know.

  2. Since some Dims like Kamallama-ding-dong brag about prosecuting Trump once he leaves office, let’s consider Barry and Hil, now that they are no longer in office.

    I hope the investigations and prosecutions come in Trump’s 2nd term. Barry’s head of cybersecurity testified to the Senate Intelligence committee that Obozo and Susan Rice knew about Russian election interference but he was told to ‘stand down’. Let’s reopen a different collusion investigation.

    Hillary’s crimes are too numerous to list here, but Barry knew and used her non-secure, non-authorized email, sending her classified documents.

    1. I’m going to add to her 33,000 subpoenaed emails with some 49,000 MORE found on Huma Abedin’s freaky husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop (some classified) by FBI Agent Bill Priestap. But, guess Hillary Rotten is as clean as the freshly falling snow at Nome, Alaska.

  3. >Phyllis Softa<

    Just ran across some very interesting information on David Horowitz's website called "Front Page Magazine. (I neglected to note the investigating author's name.) On this site today (8/1/2019) it was clear that IF America had a fair judicial system, YOUR past illegitimate president – #44 – WOULD (NOT might or may); but WOULD be tried in a Court of Law under U.S. Code 2381 for TREASON against the United States due to his "providing aid and comfort to the enemy – Iran" in the form of billions of dollars. He also (covertly and illegally) exempted Iran from some of the sanctions placed on the Country by the United States. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim which should explain his covert actions from the Oval Office.

    I had actually read this somewhere else in the past; and here it is being repeated. Unfortunately the United States has a two-tier judicial system and the chances of the Kenyan criminal being brought to trial are minimal; most likely zero.

    1. The money that Obama supposedly gave to Iran was advance payment on some US-manufactured aircraft they ordered. In short, Iran’s money, returned to them. If honesty in foreign trades bothers you, you certainly love our current President.

  4. James, I have to admit that your request of the FBI would make more sense than Trump’s request to “investigate future election crimes.” (page 91 of Volume II Mueller report) especially if your request is accompanied with EVIDENCE of the crimes you allege. While I intend my post as a compliment, please consider that the bar to make more sense than Trump is very low, i.e., The Revolutionary soldiers successfully defended the airports. and Wind farm noise causes cancer.

    1. “Alleged crimes”? What has the Nation been talking about for the past 3 years? The FBI has the proof. Judicial Watch has the proof. Hillary is guilty as sin; HAS committed numerous crimes (per James Comey, et al) and has long past the time she SHOULD have been tried, convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison.

    2. Ah yes…SyPhyllis is a terrible thing in the final stages as it eats away at the last bit of brain matter remaining in your skull, Phyllis. I suppose you still believe anything in the pile of excrement referred to as “The Mueller Report ” , just as you probably believe that that dotard Mueller had anything to do with writing it. Further, had you read the first part, not even the 19 Democrat Hillary supporting attorneys could find any crimes. It’s completely absurd that any obstruction of justice occurred when no crime was committed. If Trump defending himself against these false allegations is obstruction, then this country has become a banana republic thanks to your beloved f#ckwit Democrats.

    3. SyPhyllis, you never answered James’s excellent questions…or would disputing his facts out you further as the fool we all know you to be?

  5. Speaking of “obstructing justice”; has anyone considered taking a peek at Barry, Hillary and the DNC for their roll in 1) obstructing justice 2) deliberately violating the Espionage Act 3) transmitting highly classified material over an unsecure email server 4) Hillary’s repeatedly lying to the FBI (under oath), 5) destroying evidence 6) deleting over 33,000 subpoenaed emails 7) payments of $972,000 and $116,000 for “dirt” on Trump 8) colluding with the Russians for “dirt” on Trump, etc., etc., etc……………>

    1. I know – if only you had elected a president who had campaigned on bringing Clinton to supposed justice!

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