Man Gets Suspended From Twitter for Sexually Harassing Tony the Tiger


Note: This article contain coarse language that may offend some readers.

A man got suspended from Twitter for “sexually harassing Tony the Tiger,” the man’s former roommate said Wednesday.

Cooper Fleishman, who’s an editor at Mic, posted screenshots of his former roommate’s Twitter account, which was temporarily shut down after he made an inappropriate comment on an ad for Frosted Flakes:

“And that tiger on the box doesn’t look half bad either,” the brand wrote in a tweet, to which 30-year-old Alex Boivin tweeted back, “@realtonytiger I’d f**k that tiger.”

Boivin then received a notice that he has “violated the Twitter Rules,” which includes threats of “violence” or “harassment.” His account will remain suspended for six days and 23 hours.

“While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers—no Tweets, Retweets, or likes,” Twitter notified him.

Meanwhile, the screenshots are going viral, as Twitter users joke about whether the man is actually a “furry,” or as some would describe, a person who enjoys being sexually intimate with others in animal costumes:

Fleishman says he is “excited” for his former roommate to see the responses when he gets back on Twitter:

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Boivin explained:

“The Tony tweet popped into my feed as a promoted tweet, I have a special loathing of these things. If you give me an opportunity to interact with a #brand that’s popping into my timeline without my consent, I’m gonna get weird. I thought, ‘I’d f**k that tiger’ would be a funny joke and tweeted it without giving it a second thought.

Just the idea of sexualizing this corporate cereal mascot struck me as a suitably bizarre thing to share with the sort of people who like to interact with promoted tweets from multi-billion-dollar food processing conglomerates.”

According to BuzzFeed, Tony the Tiger is a popular meme among furries.

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