Man Never Hits Snooze Button But Lets It Go Off One Time. That’s When He Hears it In the Bathroom…

There are some mornings when there’s extra time before work and going back to bed seems like smart thing to do. And for Indiana resident Raymond Bowling, it was beyond wise.

Posted by Raymond Bowling on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Overnight Tuesday, severe storms tore through central and southern Indiana, according to Fox 59, with 24 reports of tornadoes in the area.

Come morning, news crews surveyed the damage across central America which saw 20 mobile homes destroyed and widespread power outages.

In Austin, Indiana, the damage that the storms caused could have proved fatal for Bowling had he not decided to hit the alarm’s snooze button one more time.

The difference of his split-second decision was beyond a close call, as he shared on Facebook:

What I'm dealing with this morning… I actually stood up to start getting ready for work but decided to let the snooze…

Posted by Raymond Bowling on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bowling wrote in part:

“Laid back down and this happened just minutes afterwards.

Good Lord was looking out for me for sure…”

He told WAVE 3 that hitting the snooze button wasn’t a regular habit:

“I had actually stood up to go to the bathroom to get ready for work but decided to let the snooze go off one more time and laid back down. I never do that.

The limb came through literally minutes later before the snooze went off again. And that’s exactly where I would have been standing.”

It’s amazing how a nudge to do something — even if it’s just this once — can mean more than we imagine.