Man Who Stole MAGA Hat and Attacked Teenager Is About to Feel the Full Hammer of Justice

Kino Jimenez, the 30-year-old who attacked 16-year-old Hunter Richard for wearing a “Make America Great Again hat and then stole it in July, is now facing at up to two years in jail.

San Antonio Express-News reports a grand jury has indicted Jimenez on a charge of theft of person, a state jail felony. If convicted, he faces anywhere from six months to two years in jail.

Jimenez also has prior record for possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated. He is currently out on bond, and his trial is scheduled to start in October.

The story made its rounds after Richard recorded the shocking incident, and footage was later posted to social media, on which it quickly went viral:

At the time, Richard told Jimenez he supported President Donald Trump, and that’s when Jimenez threw a drink at him.

“You ain’t supporting s**t, n***a,” he told Richard.

“B***h-a** motherf**ker,” Jimenez continued as he walked away with the hat.

Shortly after he was identified, Jimenez lost his part-time job at a bar in San Antonio.

“It came to our attention earlier this evening that a part-time employee was captured on cell phone video assaulting another person at a local eatery,” the bar said in a statement. “The assault took place, presumably, because this employee did not agree with the other individuals political stance.

“We have since terminated this employee, as his actions go against everything that this establishment stands for,” it continued.