Brave Store Manager Stopped a Thief From Stealing a Gun — Now He’s Out of a Job

When Academy Sports manager Dean Crouch stopped a man from stealing a .40-caliber pistol, some saw him as a hero. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, his employer saw it another way. 


Academy Sports reportedly fired Crouch because he violated a store policy forbidding employees from touching customers.

“Academy has decided to, instead of treating him like the hero he is, they terminated his employment effective immediately because he put his hands on [the suspect],” Crouch’s attorney, Ryan Hobbs, told the Tallahassee Democrat.

Acadamy Sports refused to speak on the matter, saying it does not discuss personnel issues publicly. 

Many saw Crouch’s termination by Acadamy Sports as shameful:

Some businesses in the Tallahassee area have reached out to Crouch with job offers:

Crouch’s attorney told the Tallahassee Democrat that his client is interviewing with Bass Pro Shops in Tallahassee, a store located just one block from his old employers. 

Hobbs expressed his frustration with Acadamy Sports to the Tallahassee Democrat, stating that the store is more concerned with lawsuits than lives saved.

“My instincts tell me they are concerned more about people like [the suspect] suing them for being stopped in the course of a theft than they are about rewarding or acknowledging in a positive manner that Mr. Crouch may have saved lives,” Hobbs said.

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