Manchester Police Arrest 3 More Suspects in Connection With Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

Three more suspects have been arrested in connection with a deadly bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday that killed at least 22 people and wounded 60 more.

The atrocity is the worst terror attack in Britain since the 7/7 bombings of 2005. The suicide bombing was particularly heinous due to the slaughter of child victims.

The Greater Manchester Police announced the arrests Wednesday morning:

The arrests come in addition to the detention of whom police described as a 23-year-old man:

The police provided a timeline of events regarding the terror attack at Manchester Arena:

The suicide bombing at the concert is believed to have been carried out by 22-year-old Salman Abedi, a British citizen born to Libyan parents. Abedi is reported to have been known to police authorities, though he was not regarded as “high risk.”

Manchester police chief Ian Hopkins also revealed that the bomber was part of a “network,” not a so-called lone wolf, NBC News reported.

Manchester Police Handout

In an interesting turn of events, U.S. authorities learned of Abedi’s identity and released his identity to journalists against the wishes of British security services, as reported by The Guardian.

“Salman? I’m astonished by this,” a member of the local Libyan community told the Guardian. “He was such a quiet boy, always very respectful towards me. His brother Ismail is outgoing, but Salman was very quiet. He is such an unlikely person to have done this.”

A religious leader in the Muslim community, Mohammed Saeed, tells the British publication a different story. After one sermon where he reportedly criticized ISIS, Salman is said to have responded with disgust.

“Salman showed me a face of hate after that sermon,” he said. “He was showing me hatred.”

Leon Neal/Getty Images

The New York Times is also reporting that Abedi traveled to Libya and Syria, two ISIS strongholds, before the bloody attack.

Although it has not yet been confirmed, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack. Islamic State supporters have already taken to social media to “celebrate” the heinous attack.

UPDATE: 5/24/2017, 10:53 a.m. — This story has been updated to include remarks from Manchester police chief Ian Hopkins.

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