Marco Rubio Appears to Encourage a Military Coup in Venezuela

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) apparently decided Friday morning that he would like to kick off the weekend by using Twitter to encourage a military coup in Venezuela.

Just like the great statesmen of the past would have done:

Would the world support the armed forces of Venezuela? Has Rubio marshaled the support of other nations, particularly in South America, where Venezuela’s neighbors have been tightening their borders to stop the flow of refugees, to come to the aid of the military there?

Those actions are usually the job of the executive branch. And while President Donald Trump did once, six months ago, suggest he would send the American military to Venezuela on some unspecified mission to calm the ongoing crisis there, he appeared to be speaking off the cuff.

More recently, the administration appears to be working on the Venezuela situation through much more conventional diplomatic and economic means, such as threatening to cut off American imports of Venezuelan oil.

This would put pressure on the government there, as the nation is in an economic crisis that would only be severely worsened if it lost the already-limited income stream from its major export.

Rubio appears to be agitating for a more immediate, albeit messier solution to the crisis. Maybe he figured that, given Trump’s Twitter habits, this was the best way to get the president’s attention.

Still, there is something gauche about handling the situation this way, as if the senator is writing checks he can’t cash, breezily dashing off tweets that could result in hundreds or thousands of deaths and unimaginable suffering.

Rubio’s initial tweet was followed by a whole bunch of tweets quoting Simon Bolivar, the 19th-century Venezuelan revolutionary who helped several South American countries gain independence from Spain. Then he threw in a quote from America’s own Declaration of Independence:

The situation in Venezuela is dreadful, and the people there are suffering greatly. But the United States encouraging them to rise up in a revolution with no guarantee the world will come to their aid? That is a dangerous gamble.

An email to Rubio’s office seeking further comment was not returned by press time.

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