Twitter Users Mercilessly Mock Marco Rubio Over Fumbled Football Metaphor

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has caused a stir on Twitter since election day through a series of tweets that range from fear-mongering about election tampering to borderline conspiracy theory.

But none of Rubio’s 280-character messages in the past week have caused as much of a commotion as one message from Tuesday night.

Rubio’s latest Twitter diatribe compared Democratic lawyers fighting to count votes in Florida to an imaginary world where lawyers challenge the final score of a football game. In addition to how Rubio’s overly simplistic metaphor compares an election with real-world consequences to a meaningless football game, Twitter users took issue with a very specific point in the senator’s message: the phrase “3 pt kick.”

Rubio’s decision to forgo the commonly accepted term “field goal” to refer to a kick worth three points made the Florida Senator the butt of jokes across Twitter on Tuesday.

Rubio’s words drew comparisons to Ted Cruz’s infamous “basketball ring” gaffe during the 2016 presidential campaign:

Even one of Rubio’s colleagues, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), joined in:

Rubio attempted to get in on the jokes at his own expense on Wednesday in a follow-up tweet, joking that he’s familiar with field goals because it’s all his Miami Dolphins can score:

But the senator from Hawaii wasn’t ready to let Rubio off the hook just yet.

“I mean most people know what a field goal is,” Schatz wrote in response to Rubio’s later tweet. “But mostly it’s the baseless accusations that you are making that undermine faith in democracy that people don’t like.”

Of course, Tuesday’s tweet was far from the Florida senator’s first football-related gaffe. During a 2015 presidential campaign stop in Iowa, Rubio famously struck a small child in the face with a thrown football.

Rubio also turned to self-deprecating humor in the wake of that misstep, taking to Twitter to complain that “The QB always gets the blame.”

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Meh – i screw up on wording all the time. No big deal.

However, i do disagree with the point he is trying to make. Ensuring all votes are properly counted vs counting just enough that you are in the lead is two very different things.





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