Marie Yovanovitch Gets a Standing Ovation After Her Testimony Before Congress

Jonathan Ernst/File Photo/Reuters

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified for nearly six hours before Congress on Wednesday in the second open hearing in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

While her testimony was moving and served to shed some light on America’s interest in Ukraine, probably the best moment for Democrats came after her testimony ended when Yovanovitch received a standing ovation from the audience.

Here’s one angle from the moment, captured by Politico’s Kyle Cheney, who was seated at the press desks between the audience and the lawmakers.

But here’s a better angle, taken from CNN’s cameras that highlights the moment in full. Republicans were hoping to get in the last word and fighting to be recognized but their cries were drowned out by the applauding public in the back of the room.

In the clip, a Republican lawmaker complains to Chairman Adam Schiff, “Mr. Chairman, you disparaged those members on this side of the aisle, we should have a chance to respond to your disparaging remarks.” The Republican continues shouting “Mr. Chairman” until he finally admits defeat and falls silent.

Throughout the day, Republicans were eager to have their voices heard and Republican Congressman Mike Turner raised eyebrows when he asked Yovanovitch a question but shouted down her answer, saying “not on my time, you’re done.”

Republicans in the hearing room weren’t the only ones attacking the former ambassador. Early in her testimony, Donald Trump attacked Yovanovitch on Twitter, writing “everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. “

After Trump’s tweet, Republicans seemed to scale back their attacks and prefaced almost all of their remarks by thanking Yovanovitch for her service.

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