Marine Veteran at Las Vegas Concert Stole a Truck to Rush Dozens of Shooting Victims to Hospital

A veteran of the Iraq War has been called a hero for his actions during and following the Las Vegas concert shooting on Sunday evening.

Taylor Winston found a nearby truck with the keys inside and drove more than 20 victims to nearby Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center.

“I think a lot of my training in the military helped me in the situation. We needed to get them out of there regardless of our safety,” Winston, who joined the Marines when he was 17, reflected.

From the “CBS This Morning” story:

“The shots got louder and louder, closer to us and saw people getting hit, it was like we could be hit at any second. Once we got to the fence, I helped throw a bunch of people over, and got myself over,” Winston said. “It was a mini war zone but we couldn’t fight back.”

The 29-year-old veteran couldn’t fight the threat, but he was able to drive.

“I saw a field with a bunch of white trucks. I tested my luck to see if any of them had keys in it, first one we tried opening had keys sitting right there. I started looking for people to take to the hospital,” Winston said. “There was just too many and it was overwhelming how much blood was everywhere.”

Victims squeezed into the backseat and spread across the bed of the truck.

“Once we dropped them off, we were like well, let’s go back for round two and go get some more,” he said. “I transported probably 20 to 30 people injured to the hospital.”

Watch Winston tell more of his story below, via CBS News.

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