Marines Literally Run Towards Fire to Rescue Elderly Residents Trapped in Burning Building

Whether at home or abroad, United States Marines are known to run towards the sound of chaos, and for the Marines stationed at the barracks in Washington, D.C., they proved their courage once again. A fire broke out at Arthur Capper Senior Apartments, a public housing complex, Wednesday afternoon. The fire caused smoke so extreme that it was visible from across the river in Virginia. The incident prompted the Marines in the area to race over to assist in evacuating the elderly residents.

The apartment complex is about a six minute walk from the barracks located at 8th & I Street, although it is safe to assume they made it to the scene in half the time given their speed.

Gunnery Sgt. John Jackson, a spokesman with the barracks, told IJR the Marines were not given an order to race towards the fire, rather, they did it on their own initiative. “At the end of the day, we were helping our neighbors,” Jackson said, revealing round 100 Marines assisted in the evacuations.