Mark Green Slams House Democrats for Their Investigations into Trump: ‘Ridiculous Abuse of Power’


Following the redacted release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bombshell report that rocked Washington last Thursday, Tennessee Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday blasted Democrats for their subsequent probes into President Donald Trump and his administration.

During an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Green, who serves on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, took aim at the Democrats’ investigations into Trump and his administration, slamming the moves as “massive leveraging of the legislative branch against the executive branch.”

“This is just a massive leveraging of the legislative branch against the executive branch. Nearly every single Democrat committee chairman is investigating some aspect of the president.”

The Tennessee Republican went on to list off the committees currently investigating the president.

“You look at Ways and Means; they are looking at his taxes. The Finance Services; they’re looking at Deutsche Bank. Oversight is looking at Mr. Klein. Judiciary is looking at McGahn. Intel is looking at collusion.”

He then torched the Democrats, stating that he believes that the actions illustrate a “ridiculous abuse of power.”

“They’re basically leveraging the legislative branch against the executive branch,” added Green.

Watch the video here:

The former Army Major continued on to say that the “real issue” was “opportunity cost” and blasted the House Democrats as having “nothing to show” from their first few months back in control of the House of Representatives.

Green’s comments come as Democrats in the House continue to investigate the president and ramp up their impeachment calls. As IJR News previously reported, Trump said on Wednesday that he would take the impeachment fight “to the Supreme Court” should the Democrats follow through with their impeachment talks.

The redacted version of Mueller’s bombshell report into Russian meddling during the 2016 election hit the public last Thursday where it stated that the 2016 Trump presidential campaign did not conspire with the Kremlin to take the election.

A recent poll showed that 76 percent of Americans did not have their opinions changed regarding the president by the report nearly a week after it was released, as IJR Red previously noted.

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OK. The Dims continue as sore losers from 2016. They continue to impede, harass, and investigate the president.

Kellyanne Conway got it right with the blank sheet of paper. They haven’t done the jobs they were elected to do. Unfortunately their electorate is NOT calling them on this.


Green nailed it. The dimwit Party has nothing productive to do with their time; so, they’re engaged in a political hatchet job on Trump to force him from Office. Won’t work with this President. Their scandalous and infantile behavior will only strengthen voter resolve and support for a great President and guarantee his reelection in 2020.





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