Acting Head of Border Patrol Says ‘Every Single Mile’ of Border Wall Helps Border Agents Do Their Job

Acting Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan praised President Donald Trump’s border wall, proclaiming that experts say it “works” and that each mile of wall helps border agents do their jobs.

During a press conference on Monday, Morgan — who has served as the acting CBP commissioner since July — touched on the wall being constructed along the U.S.-Mexico border, a major campaign point for the president’s 2016 White House run.

Morgan said that Trump made it “very clear” that the border wall “will” be constructed under his presidency and that the president’s goal of building the wall was “exactly” what CBP was working toward “every single day” with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He went on to say that over 65 miles of new wall has been added down south and that the structure itself went beyond just being a border wall, adding that it was a part of a “border wall system.”

“And now that we have the Secretary of Defense’s authority to use [an] additional $3.6 billion, we’re hoping to build between 450 to 500 new miles of border [wall] by the end of 2020,” added Morgan.

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The acting CBP commissioner went on to say that the wall was not a “vanity project” and that the people who make up Border Patrol field leadership “want this wall.”

“The Border Patrol field leadership, they want this wall. This is not a vanity project, as one of the false narratives out there has been, and I’ve heard it numerous times. This president has delivered to the experts, to the Border Patrol, to the leadership [and] asked what they needed. One of the key things they said they needed was the wall.”

Morgan then reiterated that the structure was a “wall system” and would include other prevention measures, such as lighting, access roads, and technology. He also claimed that border security leadership has “universally” said that “the wall works.”

“Where it has been used in the past, history has shown the numbers go down,” said Morgan. “Facts and history show that.”

While answering questions from reporters, the acting CBP commissioner was asked about who would pay for the wall, as Trump had promised in his campaign that Mexico would foot the bill.

Morgan said that he did not care how the wall was paid for, saying that it was up to the politicians on figuring out how to fund it.

“Every single mile of wall that is built, this country is more safe,” said Morgan. “Every single mile of wall that’s built, it allows Border Patrol agents to exponentially increase their capacity to do their job.”

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  1. Here’s what will reduce the #s of illegals further:
    1. deny any and all entitlements. No free stuff for them. Period.
    2. make detainees waiting for asylum wait OUTSIDE.

  2. The CBP announced that the # apprehended or deemed inadmissible was down 56% since may. Whether the addition of barriers, forcing Mexico to stop passing them through, or word that El Norte is now serious about illegals is hard to say. It may be a cumulative synergy.

  3. Please don’t confuse our Democrats in congress with your facts. They prefer to live in their dream world. >fingers stuck in ears< "Na na na I don't HEER YOU!!!

    1. The party has been practicing “truth” over facts forever. Biden the only one stupid enough to actually say it in public.

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