Acting Border Patrol Chief Praises Trump Admin for ‘Dramatic Results’ as Migrant Apprehensions Fall

Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan offered praise to the Trump administration, as he explained the continued decrease of migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During Tuesday’s press conference, the top border chief began by offering a word of thankfulness to the men and women who serve at the border, for their “tireless efforts” and “phenomenal job [at] securing our nation’s borders, enforcing our nation’s laws, saving lives, and maintaining the integrity of our system and Rule of Law.”

In the fiscal year of 2019, CBP was faced with “unprecedented and staggering levels” of migrant border crossings as Morgan noted. In FY19, border agents saw a four-month streak of over 100,000 migrant apprehensions from March to June.

Law enforcement at the southern border totaled nearly 1 million apprehensions in the entirety of the FY19. It is an 88% increase in border agents’ actions from the year prior.

“What continued to drive and pull Central American families to our borders was the public knowledge that the United States’ immigration laws are filled with loopholes, often judicially created.”

Pointing to initiatives and developing strategies to “close the loopholes” in the U.S. immigration system, Morgan praised the Trump administration for having “brought about results, dramatic results.”

He continued, “While Congress has failed to put forth a single piece of legislation… We have addressed this crisis.”

 Watch the press conference below:

Morgan highlighted that during the month of September, it was the “lowest” number of actions by border agents at the southern border, totaling “just over 52,000. Down almost 65% from the peak of May of 144,000.”

“This represents the fourth month in a row of a steady decline of apprehensions. This is an unprecedented achievement.”

Answering why there has been a decline, the CBP commissioner pointed to the administration’s work with other countries, such as Mexico, to help curb the flow of migrants headed toward the U.S. southern border.

“We’re closing the loopholes and diminishing the smuggling organization’s ability to profit on the back of these migrants while simultaneously exploiting our system,” he said.

Morgan declared that despite “obstacles” in the court and “Congress’ inaction,” the administration’s efforts are “working.” He noted that four months ago, there were around 5,000 daily apprehensions, in comparison to being below 1,700, as of Tuesday.

“The bottom line: We still need Congress to pass meaningful legislation to address our broken legal framework when it comes to immigration,” Morgan said, adding, “And while Congress has failed to bring a single piece of meaningful legislation to the floor, this president, this administration is doing exactly what he promised the American people.”

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