Acting Border Patrol Chief Believes ‘Very Strongly’ the Trump Admin Will ‘Prevail’ With New Rule

When it comes to the fate of the new immigration rule recently laid out by the Trump administration, acting U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) commissioner Mark Morgan is hopeful it’ll “prevail.”

The Trump administration took steps on August 21 to scrap the 1977 Flores-Settlement Agreement to combat the loophole of migrants using children “as a passport” to gain entry into the U.S.

The rule would make it so migrant families can be detained longer than the 20 days during their legal processing at the U.S.-Mexico border.

While congressional Democrats were quick to jump on the announcement and condemn the Trump administration for “doubling down on their cruel agenda,” Republican lawmakers have been relatively silent over their support or opposition.

However, Morgan — who previously labeled this rule a “game-changer” — is pushing back on the “false narratives” surrounding the new rule, including that it doesn’t mean migrants would be held “indefinitely,” he told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Monday.

Responding to congressional Democratic push back, Morgan said remarks are “just not true.”

“Border Patrol this year have conducted over 4,000 rescues. That’s of people trying to illegally enter the country, to give thousands of dollars to the cartels and smugglers who don’t care a thing about them, who are taking advantage of these individuals because of the loopholes in our system. That’s what we need to stop. We need to disincentivize that.”

With the rule published on Friday, leading to the possibility of facing legal challenges, the CBP commissioner said, “I feel very strongly that we’re going to prevail in the litigation.”

Watch Morgan’s interview below:

Aside from the Trump administration trying to place new immigration rules to combat illegal immigration at the southern border, Mexico’s president said on Monday that his country is “doing well” ahead of a U.S. deadline to help curb illegal immigration, as IJR News reported.

“They’re actually stepping up to be true partners with the United States, and they’re actually seeing this as a regional crisis. It’s not just a crisis of the United States,” Morgan said of Mexico and Northern Triangle of Central America countries helping. “… It’s been a game-changer as well.”

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Allowing these Illegal Alien Invaders to remain for longer periods of time only puts a greater financial burden on the American taxpayer who cannot claim the Invaders as dependents on his tax return. There should be no such thing as “asylum” or FREE hotel facilities, entertainment, sporting activities, food, clothing, diapers, medical care or transportation to tour the city. As CRIMINALS, these Invader SHOULD BE deported as soon as their left foot connects with US soil using heavily armed military if need be..


He makes an excellent point. Stopping people at or after they’ve crossed the border is like mopping after the toilet’s backed up.

Controlling access with a wall (still waiting), minefields, etc. are good AFTER the fact that problems downstream must first be fixed. If the refugees are fleeing countries that are too corrupt/helpless to fix themselves that is not our problem. Stopping their flow into El Norte is.





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