Sanford Claims Trump’s Campaign Is ‘Scared’ of His Bid, Says That’s Why They’ve Canceled Primaries

Kevin Lamarque/File Photo/Reuters

Former Gov Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) claimed that President Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign is afraid of his White House bid.

In an interview with reporters on the campaign trail, Sanford — a former U.S. Representative for the Palmetto State and one of three Republicans challenging the president in the 2020 election — was asked if he believed the president was “scared” of competition by “trying to quash” it.

Sanford said that he did believe that someone on Trump’s “organization is scared” and attributed the lack of Republican primary elections in some states to that fear.

The former South Carolina governor went on to say that it would not make “sense” otherwise because people in the political world would make the moves to “lock in” a candidate who would easily win.

Watch the video here:

“Otherwise, it makes no sense because, again, if you have a chance to lock in a 90 percent win in the world of politics, you do so,” said Sanford.

Earlier this month, Trump’s re-election campaign Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh told Fox News that the president’s 2020 campaign did not have anything to do with the states calling off their primary elections, pointing out that “there are volumes of historical precedents to support them.”

The former governor was then asked about a recent Fox News poll that found that 86 percent of Republican primary voters have thrown their support behind Trump, and whether or not any of them could “realistically” beat the president in a primary election.

Sanford, former Gov. Bill Weld (R-Mass.), and former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) each took home two percent in support among the Republican primary voters.

Sanford said that the primary process was just starting out and that “we’ll find out” if the president can be beaten in a primary challenge.

“I mean, that’s what contests are about,” added Sanford. “… You just never know in the world of politics.”

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General Confusion

“I don’t believe you should judge all presidential candidates on Trump’s motives for running. Remember when the R’s convinced you they were all about conservative values mainly fiscal responsibility: balanced budgets, paying off the national debt, blah, blah, blah blah…. Trumpism has exposed that as a sham. Sanford and Amash are the only 2 R’s that appear to keep that sham going. That is difficult to fall for when BOTH Sanford and Amash voted in 2017 to add 1.8 trillion to the national debt with the unpaid tax reform. Reality is still all about controlling the minds and votes of… Read more »


Maybe he is a “former” for a reason.

Dale Swanson
Dale Swanson

This guy is off in La La Land. Trump doesn’t see him on his radar inside the – never get there ring.



Kathleen Marion
Kathleen Marion

Mark Sandford, who??? Not hardly a household name that Trump should be afraid.


the individual state decides if, when. where a primary takes place. I hope he knows that and this is just a political stunt. If not. it makes one wonder why the people of S.C. re-elected him to a second term as governor when all he did was to the detriment of S.C.
De Blasio before De Blasio appeared


WOW!! Sanford, Weld and Walsh ALL got a whole 2%. Looks like that leaves 94% for the winner of the 2020 election – Donald J. Trump. I seriously doubt Trump is shaking in his boots over these RINOs or any of the Socialist idiots remaining. Looks like they’re dropping like flies (I still want to see Trump mop up the floor with Gaffe-a-Minute Biden IF Biden can remember where the debate is being held.)


According to a Netflix documentary, Mr. Sanford is owned by a group called The Family or The Fellowship, a group that exerts considerable influence but works diligently to stay out of the lime light. Who knows?

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