Mark Steyn Slams Democrats’ Newfound ‘Character’: ‘They All Knew What Clinton Was Doing’

In the minds of many conservatives, Democrats have arrived late at the “sexual assault allegations” party.

One such conservative is author and Fox News contributor Mark Steyn.

During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Steyn teed off on Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Democrats’ newfound “character” — as they now rush to condemn politicians accused of sexual assault.

Steyn being Steyn, he didn’t pull any punches:

“They all knew what Clinton was doing… Why shouldn’t Al Franken grope a woman? It’s because the media told us it doesn’t matter being a pig because character doesn’t matter.


They’ve got respected PBS anchors walking around naked, and I don’t mean Big Bird.”

As is often the case when Steyn goes off on a rant, nuff said.

Video of Steyn’s conversation with Tucker Carlson is below.

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